Tue, 14 Apr 2020 14:47:29 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Payday loan for people with bad credit -Need a payday loan with bad credit? Tue, 14 Apr 2020 14:47:29 +0000 Banks tempt customers with attractive credit and loan offers. Unfortunately, incurring too much more quickly can lead to serious financial problems. Debt consolidation is a good way to make repayment easier.

Unfortunately, over 100,000 people have serious problems with regular debt repayment and are in arrears with payments over 90 days, while 117.5 thous. borrowers have recently encountered the first difficulties in meeting repayment deadlines. In this case, you should respond as soon as possible – if the problem is the overlap of many different obligations, you should think about a consolidation loan.

Need a payday loan with bad credit?

A payday loan with bad credit is a short term loan that can be availed to meet your temporary financial crisis. So, you don’t have to do any collateral assessment and prepare a lot of paperwork for the fax. Get a payday loan with bad credit from and make your life easier with no money problems at all.

A consolidation loan is a special-purpose loan, which aims to combine many liabilities and replace them with a new product. The mechanism of this tool is very simple – the funds originating from it are automatically allocated to repayment of the loans included in the application.

The customer, in turn, repays one liability, so he pays only one installment every month. Debt consolidation service is much easier. You can also adjust the repayment terms to current possibilities and take advantage of other options, such as applying for additional funds that will help you fund your home budget.

When should you think about a consolidation loan?

When should you think about a consolidation loan?

Borrowers who use many different credit products and have an increasing problem paying back should think about taking a consolidation loan. It is worth acting as soon as possible and does not wait until it is impossible to fulfill the obligations of the debtor.

From the financial institution’s point of view, the consolidation loan is a new commitment and the client will undergo a standard verification procedure in the process of granting it. First of all, creditworthiness is assessed. Negative entries in BIK may prevent obtaining financing or significantly worsen the conditions offered.

Easier repayment, additional options

Taking a consolidation loan offers many priceless benefits for a person who is struggling with financial liquidity problems:

  • Debt management – many different obligations are not only high costs but also chaos. In this situation it is difficult to assess the actual expenses, it is easy to make mistakes, which results in further delays in payments. One loan agreement and one installment guarantee transparency and facilitate loan repayment.
  • Lower installments – although as a result of taking a consolidation loan the amount of debt will increase, the extension of the repayment schedule will let your home budget breathe. A larger number of installments will reduce their value, so when deciding on a consolidation loan, we will pay less than for many different liabilities.
  • Additional cash – most banks give their clients the opportunity to obtain additional funds for any purpose when applying for a debt consolidation loan. An injection of cash at an interest rate lower than standard consumer loans can help you pay off your loans. It will also be definitely a better option than making another commitment.

What can you consolidate?

Another advantage of consolidation loans is a large number of products that can be consolidated. In addition to standard cash and installment loans, credit card debt and current accounts, more and more banks also offer consolidation of loans taken from companies outside the banking sector, i.e. popular payday loans. It is worth getting to know the offer of a specific institution and adjusting the selection to individual conditions.

Debt consolidation – it’s not always worth it

Debt consolidation - it

Although in many cases a consolidation loan will be a godsend for those in debt, it will not always be the case. First of all, you should approach it as a completely new commitment and carefully assess the conditions proposed by the bank. Attractive interest usually does not cover all costs.

Meanwhile, the high commission for granting a loan can significantly affect the profitability of the entire project. You should also analyze the real costs and characteristics of individual debts: it may turn out that abandoning the consolidation of some of them will be a definitely better solution.

Debt consolidation loan

Debt consolidation loan

Problems with paying off financial obligations are certainly one of the most stressful situations in life. In their face, however, passivity is the worst. It is worth considering, first of all, taking a consolidation loan for those in debt. Thanks to it, many different liabilities (such as consumer loans, credit cards, and current account debt, and even loans offered by companies outside the banking sector) are replaced with a new loan.

This is not only a significant organizational simplification – the possibility of extending the repayment period translates into a reduction in monthly installments, most banks also offer their clients the possibility of obtaining additional funds. It is worth applying for a consolidation loan as soon as possible – it will be determined by the creditworthiness assessment.

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Credit consolidation: how does it work? Thu, 26 Mar 2020 13:35:06 +0000


Credit consolidation does not designate any banking operation, it is an unsuitable term to designate a credit consolidation operation, consisting in redeeming several loans.

Why are we talking about credit consolidation?

Why are we talking about credit consolidation?

Many professionals and other websites use the term credit consolidation to offer credit consolidation offers to tenant households and owners, and yet this term is simply incorrect. It does not designate any banking transaction with regard to the legislation on mortgage and consumer credit. More importantly, the term “consolidation” induces borrowers errors as they can believe in strengthening their credit current contract, which is absolutely not the case.

The grouping of loans is a banking operation proposing to a borrower to redeem his various credits in progress to be able to reduce the amount of the monthly payments. There is therefore no consolidation of credits in the process of repayment, they are simply settled by the establishment which offers this financing. The bank will in fact send a transfer showing the total of the sums due as well as any prepayment charges. This makes it possible to settle the debt and then be able to set up the new credit agreement including all the sums bought back and a possible new amount to finance a project.

What are the advantages of this funding?

What are the advantages of this funding?

A grouping of credits is supposed to allow a borrower to readjust its repayment conditions, that is to say to restore the balance in terms of loan charges in relation to income. When the monthly payments are increasing, that is to say, the maximum debt ratio of 33% is reached, the borrower is no longer able to cope with financial contingencies. It will therefore be exposed to imbalances which can be temporary, even permanent. To allow the borrower to take control of his finances, the grouping of credits will flatten the borrowing costs.

The advantage is therefore at the level of financial balance, this avoids complications and makes it possible to reimburse a monthly payment better suited to the current situation. We generally speak of a drop in monthly payments of more than half. There is also the possibility of financing a new project, this avoids taking out a new loan and especially to include the amount in the financing. Taking this into account is thus better for redefining the repayment terms : longer duration, fixed rate and reduced monthly payment.

Get support to consolidate your budget

Get support to consolidate your budget

We will not talk about credit consolidation but rather consolidation of household finances, with the implementation of an operation to better rebalance the credit charges. It is however important to make a full point on the situation of the borrower, of the household, and to propose a perfectly adapted solution, it is for this reason that it is important to seek an experienced brokerage center. Note that the simulation is free and without obligation.

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Revolving credit or payday loan: what to choose? Tue, 24 Mar 2020 13:02:04 +0000

Revolving credit, like a payday loan, makes it possible to obtain a sum of money from a bank or a credit institution, but at separate rates and conditions of repayment. Is it better to choose a revolving credit or a payday loan?

What is the point of opting for revolving credit?

What is the point of opting for revolving credit?

The revolving credit allows to freely dispose of a sum of money determined in advance between the lender and the borrower, and the latter can use this sum of money as he sees fit, without having to justify it expenses. Once the credit is taken out, the money is available to the borrower. However, this credit will cost him nothing if he does not use the amount of money he has at his disposal.

On the other hand, if the borrower uses the released funds, he will automatically activate the loan. From that moment, the credit produces interest, the amount of which can amount to significant percentages of up to 16% or even 20%. Furthermore, the peculiarity of this type of credit is that the funds are replenished as and when repayments are made, hence its name as revolving or replenishing credit.

Very practical for borrowers who want to have liquidity quickly, revolving credit must however be used with caution in order to avoid the risks of over-indebtedness in the event of mismanagement.

What is the point of opting for a payday loan?

What is the point of opting for a personal loan?

Like revolving credit, the payday loan allows to freely dispose of a sum of money. But generally, without this being an obligation, the borrower will use this amount of money to finance a particular project. The payday loan is ideal for a trip or to buy a new car for example.

However, unlike revolving credit, the borrower knows from the start the amount of his future monthly payments, because these are fixed from the beginning to the end of the repayment period. The advantage of the payday loan is that it allows you to know exactly the need amount of the monthly payments without any unpleasant surprises.

In addition, interest rates are significantly lower than with revolving credit since they are between 3% and 10% against 16% to 20%. However, interest is systematically reimbursed as soon as the payday loan is activated, whereas it will not be reimbursed under the revolving credit until the funds are used.

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Credit buyout and unemployment: is it possible? Sun, 23 Feb 2020 14:12:38 +0000

Developing a request for repurchase of credit in job seeker is not obvious, but nevertheless constitutes a saving solution to rebalance its budget. Update on the possibilities of buying back credit and unemployment.

The interest of a credit buy-back

The interest of a credit buy-back

Why ask for a credit buyout when you are unemployed? When the applicant obtained his mortgage and his car loan, for example, he benefited from regular income. The loss of employment no longer ensures the reimbursement of credits contracted during the previous situation. Also, a repurchase of credit makes it possible to regroup all of these credits with one goal: to reduce the monthly payments.

This objective can only be achieved by extending the overall repayment duration of the loan (s). Of course, in the long term, this solution is not necessarily advantageous, because the interest rate could be less competitive.

However, if the loans have been contracted for several years, the fall in interest rates could offset this effect. In the end, the advantage lies mainly in the fact that you can limit your monthly payments. This is why buying back credit for the unemployed is very interesting.

The bank’s point of view

The bank

If the repurchase of credit and unemployment seems to be an excellent solution for the borrowers, the bank does not always see it in the same eye. In theory, it approves of the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlimiting monthly payments, but will not, in practice, always be ready to follow borrowers whose income has dropped significantly. You should know that unemployment benefits are not taken into account in income when calculating the debt ratio.

The bank will therefore be able to grant a loan repurchase to a job seeker only if the co-borrower of the unemployed person benefits from stable employment with sufficient income not to exceed the debt ratio of 33%.

Alternative solutions

Alternative solutions

In case of job loss, there is an alternative to buying back credit and unemployment: the extension of deadlines. If this option is included in the loan contract, the borrower can request this postponement in order to interrupt the repayment of the monthly payments for several months, the time to find a job.

The repurchase of credit in job seeker is also possible in the case where the borrower is a property owner and agrees to mortgage his housing. The bank then has a guarantee if the borrower does not respect its commitments.

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Credit buy-back for civil servants Fri, 14 Feb 2020 13:44:01 +0000




The repurchase of credit for the civil servants allows the agents of the State which took out loans reserved for the civil servants to consolidate all their debts in only one monthly payment. The repurchase or consolidation of credit simplifies budget management, while reducing the amount of monthly payments.

The official loan, a loan reserved for public officials

The official loan, a loan reserved for public officials

The civil servant credit is a real estate banking product reserved for agents of the state, territorial or hospital civil service. It is specifically designed to allow civil servants, who do not benefit from the 1% employer loan, to finance the purchase of their main residence, whether new or old, with or without work. Civil servant credit has several advantages:

  • the deposit can be paid by the employee’s mutual health insurance;
  • the amount of insurance is cheaper than with a conventional loan;
  • it allows the borrower to keep his rights to Personalized Housing Assistance (APL), if he has one.

The borrowing rate for official credit, on the other hand, is identical to or even slightly higher than that of the market. However, it is capped at 7%. To benefit from it, the borrower must first have a Social Action Loan (PAS), or an approved loan. He can then apply for an official loan, the only body authorized to distribute this product. The various professional mutuals in the public service are responsible for the guarantee and credit insurance for the borrower. To alleviate his monthly payments, a civil servant can make a request for repurchase of official credit with the banks.

Simplify the management of its loans thanks to the repurchase of official credit

Simplify the management of its loans thanks to the repurchase of official credit

The repurchase of credit is a simple and advantageous financing operation. It optimizes the management of its budget, to preserve its purchasing power or avoid the risk of over-indebtedness. To get the most out of it, you need to have at least three loans, such as:

  • the mortgage;
  • a car loan;
  • consumer credit.

The operating mode of a civil service loan buy-back is the same as for any other socio-professional category. This financing operation, which can be carried out by banks or credit institutions, is based on a simple principle. Rather than having multiple withdrawals, at various maturities on your account, a credit repurchase makes it possible to group all the debts contracted in a single monthly payment. This is particularly advantageous when it comes to revolving consumer loans, which have very high interest rates and are very difficult to get rid of.

By grouping all the loans under a single single rate comparable to that of the market, with only one insurance, and by lengthening the duration of its receivable, the repurchase of credit can make it possible to reduce the amount of its monthly repayments by more than 50%.

Please note: variable withdrawal period

This period is 10 or 15 calendar days depending on whether the loan buy-back offers are of the real estate or consumer type. However, if a home loan is grouped with several consumer loans and the home loan represents less than 60% of the redemption, a period of 15 days will be applied.

Official loan buyback file: our advice

Official loan buyback file: our advice

A loan consolidation dossier is carefully prepared, and ideally upstream of the request. This saves precious time and demonstrates its seriousness with banks. When setting up his official loan buy-back, the borrower should not neglect anything and include all the supporting documents commonly requested, such as:

  • a copy of his ID;
  • proof of address;
  • his latest account statements;
  • his last tax notice;
  • the offers of consumer loans and current mortgage loans, with their amortization schedules.

A loan repurchase file must be solid. In the event of bad management of the bank account or of an unstable professional situation, the banks will tend to refuse to buy back the credits.

Good to know: comparators and simulation tools, two allies!

Before submitting your application to the banks, it is important to carry out a feasibility study using online simulation tools. Comparators, just like the simulation tools, will allow us to compare offers and find the best rate. The borrower will also get an estimate of his future monthly payments according to the repayment duration chosen. Ideal for having an overview of its future loan grouping!

If necessary, the borrower can be helped by a broker to build his file. This professional will also compare for him the offers to group together the banks with which he is a partner. But beware, a percentage will be applied to the amount of the buyout in the event of the signing of an offer (1 to 5% on average, depending on whether it is a grouping of real estate or consumer credit). This is how the broker gets paid.

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Home loan repurchase – Is it still a good deal? Sun, 09 Feb 2020 13:33:41 +0000



Very low interest rates encourage homeowners to renegotiate their mortgage. The repurchase of mortgage offers the possibility of repaying its loan by means of a new cheaper credit, either to reduce the amount of the maturities, or to shorten the duration initially envisaged.

The repurchase of mortgage in the context of a renegotiation of the interest rate

The repurchase of mortgage in the context of a renegotiation of the interest rate

A credit repurchase transaction is interesting if the number of years remaining is greater than the number of years passed. Clearly, this means that if the initial term of the loan is 20 years, it will not be interesting to renegotiate the mortgage if there are less than 10 years before the term of the loan.

Indeed, the borrower will have already paid the majority of the interest, and he will only have the principal to repay. So why pay for new ones?

The outstanding capital must be greater than 50,000 dollars for a real profit, and the rate difference must reach at least 1 point. If the borrower has taken out a mortgage at 3.5%, the new rate should be a maximum of 2.5%.

The repurchase of mortgage must also take into account the costs charged to the borrower:

• the prepayment penalties provided for in the contract, which are certainly framed by law, compensate the lender for the loss caused; they are limited to 6 months of interest or a maximum of 3% of the capital remaining due;

• any warranty costs.

The buyback operation must cover these costs. The total cost of credit should also be kept in mind: the longer the term, the higher the cost.

The repurchase of mortgage in the framework of a grouping of credits

The repurchase of mortgage in the framework of a grouping of credits

Credit consolidation consists in repaying various loans, including real estate, to pay only one monthly payment, generally less important than the sum of all the installments. This type of operation is intended to generate more cash or finance a new project.

Here again, care must be taken to calculate that the gain obtained by the repurchase of credit covers as well as the penalties of early repayment of the mortgage.

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Loan despite fixed-term contract. Fri, 24 Jan 2020 14:07:36 +0000


Are you looking for a loan despite a fixed-term contract? So that you do not have to worry about a loan refusal, we have put together the options for you that enable loans without an open-ended employment contract.

Loans despite a fixed-term employment contract – starting point

Loans despite a fixed-term employment contract - starting point

Free installment loans are almost always only granted under the same conditions. The income must exceed the garnishment exemption limit, the employment contract must be outside the trial period and unlimited. These requirements provide the basis for credit security. The security of the lent capital always has the highest priority for all commercial loan providers. The interest income is always in second place on the scale. Systemically important credit institutions are no longer even allowed to issue recognizable unsafe loans.

A loan despite a fixed-term employment contract is therefore very difficult. The negative attitude of the credit institutions cannot be mitigated by proof of chain contracts. The desire for a self-determined life is humanly understandable. The desire for a loan in order to be able to make a larger investment is understandable, but it is still not approvable.

There are only a few options available to enable an ordinary bank loan with a temporary employment contract.

Bank loan with a temporary employment contract

Bank loan with a temporary employment contract

Despite a fixed-term employment contract, a loan from an ordinary credit institution can only be approved if the credit security can be established. There are, roughly divided, two options. A loan can be approved if a solvent guarantor takes over the credit protection. Its creditworthiness enables long loan terms and also higher loan amounts. Alternatively, high-quality property collateral can protect the lender from default. An example of this would be pledging long-term life insurance.

Without additional collateral, so with the second option, reducing the credit risk can open up opportunities for success. The employment relationship is very secure during the time limit, especially for chain contracts. A loan can therefore be approved if the repayment period is slightly shorter than the remaining term of the employment contract. In order to be able to take advantage of this possibility, the requested loan amount must of course match the maximum payable rate. Accurate, individually reputable figures result from the household bill and the sum of income above the attachment limit.

Alternatives that are suitable for small loan amounts can also be used. For example, a microcredit with a term of 30 days or the use of the overdraft facility would be possible. However, both variants are very expensive. Average overdraft facilities range between 10 percent and 13 percent APR. The short-term loan is currently offered at the effective annual interest rate of 13.90 percent.

Another alternative can be a dedicated loan from a special lender. This loan option is known for a loan despite a fixed-term contract as a mail order company or department store loan. If the loan is to be used for purchasing from a certain group anyway, interest advantages can often be realized. Loans intended for sales promotion are often examined very “benevolently”. The new living room set or the new flat-screen TV can often be financed despite a fixed-term employment contract.

Fair credit opportunities despite a temporary job – private loans

Fair credit opportunities despite a temporary job - private loans

The job market has changed dramatically in recent years. A fixed-term contract is the normal contract for about half of all new contracts. More and more employers, politically supported, are stealing their social responsibility towards the employees. Even the employment office is involved in this development, as a current TV report with an 18-year contract – at the employment agency – proves. At the same time, the guidelines for bank loans were tightened as a result of the financial crisis. Fewer and fewer people are qualified for normal, simple lending.

The alternative is to turn away from the banks’ credit system. More and more people are using the loan from private donors to finance their wishes. Brokering loans from private to private from the “snap idea” has become a serious source of credit for many people. Today’s market leaders and co-initiators of the idea are Good Lender and Capital Lender. The loan application for the loan despite a fixed-term employment contract is published as a loan request on one of the portals.

Private investors, small savers distorted by the negative savings rate, now have the opportunity to check the loan request for themselves. Which criteria you use to evaluate the loan request despite a fixed-term contract is up to you. You do not have to follow guidelines, such as the clerk of a bank. If an investor makes a positive decision, he makes his bid for the loan despite a fixed-term employment contract. If sufficient bids have been received and accepted, the loan will be paid out.

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Instant credit without Credit Bureau for self-employed. Wed, 22 Jan 2020 14:19:19 +0000

What is it about the advertising for the instant loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed? Under what conditions can it be approved? Which loan providers are eligible. Stop bothering the advertising of Credit Bureau-free instant loans for the self-employed. The article identifies real credit opportunities and risks.

Instant credit without Credit Bureau for self-employed – starting point

Instant credit without Credit Bureau for self-employed - starting point

An instant loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed sounds like the loan solution that many self-employed are looking for. The credit opportunities for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other self-employed people in Germany are poor across the board. Due to the implementation of the Basel III agreement, it is hardly possible for a self-employed person to prove their personal creditworthiness. The set of rules that all banks and savings banks from Germany have to adhere to only offers credit opportunities for larger companies.

Documentation costs and the required professional software are worthwhile from a company size of 500 employees. The system simply does not pay off for smaller companies. On top of that, the market opportunity for smaller companies lies in the flexibility, which must be completely dispensed with in such a documentation system. Getting angry about it doesn’t help, alternatives to financing have to be found.

A creditworthiness that cannot be proven is deemed not to exist for the loan request. As a loan without creditworthiness, only foreign loans without Credit Bureau are advertised. What could be more obvious than looking for an instant loan without Credit Bureau for self-employed people abroad?

Foreign credit without Credit Bureau – who is qualified?

Foreign credit without Credit Bureau - who is qualified?

Credit Bureau-free loans, such as those offered in the newspapers and on the Internet, always refer to a small loan. The loan amount – without Credit Bureau – can be 3,500 USD or 5,000 USD. As far as is known, there is only one foreign bank behind all legal loan offers. Fine Bank from Liechtenstein has been granting legally Credit Bureau-free loans to Germans since 2010. The bank was founded in 2010. The Federal Administrative Court had, in a judgment in April 2009, practically swept the loan without Credit Bureau off the market.

Unfortunately, the self-employed cannot access such a credit directly. Only employees who have been subject to social security contributions for at least 12 months can qualify for the loan. The self-employed, as well as the unemployed, cannot be taken into account when lending. Guarantors are not permitted to secure loans. A confidant who fulfills the requirements is permitted to apply for the loan on a representative basis. The credit terms lack the usual clause that an application may only be made in one’s own economic interest.

As a proxy loan, the instant loan without Credit Bureau is at least conceivable for the self-employed. In the event of approval, the credit bank charges 11.62 percent effective annual interest for 3,500 USD credit for 11,000 USD for 5,000 USD credit. Both loan models are always repayable in 40 equal monthly installments. For 3,500 USD you have to pay 105.95 USD per month, for 5,000 USD without Credit Bureau it is 151.35 USD.

Despite Credit Bureau credit from Germany

Despite Credit Bureau credit from Germany

Without moving the company’s registered office abroad, the Liechtensteiner loan mentioned is the only known legal secure credit option of the present. If the Credit Bureau score is not too bad (at least H), then a credit option from Germany opens up. For this purpose, the credit request is placed on one of the portals for private loan brokers. The market leaders have the most influx.

Private investors are not bound by the Basel III agreement when making credit decisions. You are free to submit your bid only according to your own ideas. Many types of funding that were considered impossible have already been approved in this way. Private investors rate the business idea and a loan to implement the ideas differently than the banking world.

Another reputable credit option can open up with the help of an established credit intermediary. A good choice in this case would be, for example, bon credit. With 40 years of experience in arranging difficult loans, opportunities can arise that “ordinary people” do not know.

Avoid risky credit options

An immediate loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed is often desperately sought. The difficult credit situation leads to increased risks when looking for a loan. We are looking for direct contact to private investors outside of the protected portals.

It is possible to get a legal loan in this way. This is by no means certain. In the worst case, there is a risk of involvement in illegal money laundering transactions. An instant loan without Credit Bureau for the self-employed is extremely difficult to obtain, forcing it can have criminal consequences.

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How to take an instant loan today. Mon, 13 Jan 2020 14:09:53 +0000

If you are looking for a loan, you want it very quickly. After all, the wishes that are to be fulfilled should no longer be put on the back burner. Many borrowers are therefore looking for an instant loan that should be paid out today if possible. Since the banks are more and more oriented towards the wishes of their customers, an instant loan is still easily possible today. You just need to know where.

Take out an instant loan today

Take out an instant loan today

If you want to take out an instant loan today, you shouldn’t necessarily look for a loan partner on the Internet. Rather, the view should go to the house bank, which in the best case operates a branch on site. Because here you can directly apply for the instant loan. Whoever carries all documents with them can even wait for their approval. The advantage of an instant loan is that, as the name suggests, it is immediately checked and approved.

The clerk who takes care of the customer will check the documents and can tell the customer within a few minutes whether a loan is possible. After that, only the contracts have to be signed and the instant loan can still be paid out today. The payment can either be made at the bank counter or as a transfer to a checking account. Depending on the request the customer has made in this regard.

The documents that are still required for an instant loan today

The documents that are still required for an instant loan today

So that the instant loan can also be processed directly, the clerk needs various documents to be able to assess the financial situation of the customer. In addition to an identity card for the verification of identity, these are mainly documents on earnings. Based on the income, it can then be calculated whether and to what extent there is money available for repayment of the loan. If collateral has to be offered, the relevant documents should also be taken along. If a guarantor or a second borrower comes into play, this should be present when the application is made.

The clerk will then query Schufa to determine the customer’s creditworthiness. If it is good, the loan is approved. If, on the other hand, the creditworthiness is poor, an instant loan will not be possible today. In such a case, you can either look for another partner for the loan or turn off the reasons for the poor credit rating.

The latter is usually the better way, since a loan is difficult to obtain despite poor creditworthiness. And if you do find an offer, this usually goes hand in hand with very high interest and fees. It is therefore better to remove the obstacles first so that you can then apply for a new loan.

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