10 comics that had a huge multimedia push that didn’t come to fruition


Since the mid-90s, comics have become a proverbial gold mine for multimedia adaptations on all levels. From movies to television to video games, few mediums generate as much profit as the intellectual properties found in comics. However, despite the golden exterior of the comic book goose, certain intellectual properties have laid an egg at the box office and in Nielsen ratings, respectively.

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While they’re generally as bulletproof as the characters they feature, there have been plenty of comic book adaptations that have been healthily shone in prime time by mainstream media which then melted away. under the intense heat of the limelight.

ten Ultraforce only lasted one season

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Comics were unstoppable in the early ’90s. The rabid nature of the fandom essentially ensured that publishers should actively try to lose money. This increase in confidence and profits across the industry prompted several emerging companies to eventually try their hand at producing multimedia adaptations.

Malibu Comics dove into the Saturday morning cartoons with their Justice League knockoff known as the Ultraforce. Sporting a sleek set of designs and a thrilling theme song, Ultraforce crashed and burned after a 13-episode season.

9 Night Man was limited by the technology available at the time

Not happy enough to fail Saturday morning cartoons, Malibu Comics then dabbled in live drama. One of the most popular characters in Footprints, Night Man, was the pioneer chosen for Malibu Comic’s foray into live-action.

Today’s superhero shows benefit from a few elements that Night man unfortunately could not count, thanks to the era of its creation. The CGI and limited budget hindered special effects tremendously and unnecessarily, as the gritty Night Man from the comics lacked physical superpowers.

8 Jupiter’s legacy has not surpassed its competition

Characteristic image of Jupiter's inheritance

Mark Millar shocked the comic book world when his imprint, Millarworld, signed a lengthy development deal with Netflix. Believe in the seemingly limitless potential of Millar’s ability to create multimedia hits – such as Wanted to, Kick ass, and Kingsman: The Secret Service-Netflix has started optioning tons of Millar’s work for future adaptations.

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Their partnership’s first real-action attempt was the unfortunate Jupiter’s legacy. Netflix spared no expense in promoting the show, but Jupiter’s legacy failed to outperform rivals The boys and Invincible on Amazon Prime.

7 A deadly class dropped after a season

Deadly Class TV Series

SYFY’s stab at Deadly class completely missed the mark, wasting a compelling yet straightforward concept and much-acclaimed comic book anchoring the whole thing. It seemed almost impossible for IP to fail during Deadly Class’s initial promotional campaign, given the amount of criticism and commercial success it enjoyed in the comic book world.

Combined with an attainable level of special effects and a network familiar to comic book fans in SYFY, Deadly class surprisingly dropped out of television after a short season.

6 Audience figures for Outcast were lukewarm

Patrick Fugit in Cinemax Outcast

Ride a media clip with his genre-defining zombie TV series The walking dead at AMC, Robert Kirman has found himself as one of the most requested creators on television. Based on The walking deadThe success of, Kirman opted for a multitude of his comics for several studios.

Kirman Invincible was sent to Amazon Prime for development, while Banned another supernatural horror show has landed on Showtime. Although it lasted for two seasons, the show’s audience numbers were lukewarm, causing Showtime to sever ties with the show.

5 Green Lantern became a famous flop

In an unprecedented turn of events, Green Lantern dominated comic book sales in the 2000s. The Lantern has always been popular, but its new strata of success forced DC Comics to develop a film about the character. Designed to be a monstrous success, 2011’s The Green Lantern took every precaution imaginable to win box office gold.

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Famous comic book scribe and architect Geoff Johns was enlisted as the film’s creative steward. Unfortunately, The Green Lantern faltered and became an all-time famous Hollywood flop.

4 WildC.ATs never took off

Image Comics dabbled in the success of Saturday morning cartoons in the mid-90s by turning one of their flagship titles, WildC.ATs, into a children’s show. Lack of name recognition with the demographic and mature punch expected of the source material WildC.AT– despite a massive action figure launch – failed to produce ratings for the USA Network.

Being flanked by another cartoon show Image Comics in Wild dragon– in a movement designed to mimic the competition Marvel Hour of Action sort of couldn’t land WildC.AT on his feet.

3 Savage Dragon has a cult fandom

As one of Image’s oldest comedic properties, fans would be right to wonder why Savage Dragon hasn’t collected multiple media adaptations yet. Part of the reason stems from the character’s disastrous first outing in the Saturday morning cartoons. Associated with fellow Image Comics, WildC.AT, Wild dragon boasted of a quality vocal cast – starring Frank Welker – but ultimately failed to get fans to express their support en masse.

While the show is available on the Peacock streaming service, due to its cult fandom, Wild dragon flopped hard.

2 The spirit has been slandered by the critics

The Spirit film

Existing as the ancestor of the Hollywood success of Mark Millar and Robert Kirkman, Frank Miller turned his comic book status into a healthy film career. Enjoying high praise for his debut as a co-director City of sin, Miller attempted to bring Will Eisner’s classic creation, The Spirit, to the screen.

However, without sound City of sin co-director Robert Rodriguez, Miller’s take on the classic pulp hero has been heavily criticized by critics. The box office performance of The mind was so horrible that Frank Miller never realized again.

1 The Fantastic Four have consistently failed in their attempts to make it to the big screen

The Fantastic Four of the Fantastic Four

For the characters who were instrumental in founding the entertainment juggernaut known as Marvel Comics, the Fantastic Four have stumbled in virtually every attempt to enter the mainstream. In 1994, the work of Roger Corman The Fantastic Four was so appalling that it never received a major release, becoming one of the most famous bootlegs on the 2000s comic book convention circuit.

Marvel’s First Family went on to star in a duology of campy films under Fox that, while successful, never captured their minds, and 2015 Fan4stic almost destroyed the franchise in theaters.

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