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Justin Duino

Your new Galaxy S22 Ultra is more than a pretty face. Samsung has packed the new flagship with tons of unique and useful features — so many, in fact, that some of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s best features may slip under your radar. So here are seven cool things you can do with your Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Most of these tricks, minus the ones that require an S Pen, will work with the Galaxy S22 or S22+. Keep in mind that some of the features listed in this article debuted in older Galaxy phones.

Write and view notes without unlocking your phone

Writing on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with an S Pen
Justin Duino

By default, removing the S Pen from your Galaxy S22 Ultra opens a “Air Command“Dialog box with a bunch of confusing options. But what if you just want to take notes without unlocking your phone or typing nonsense?

A simple change to the settings will automatically create new notes when you remove the S Pen from your phone. This feature works even when your device is locked, and funny enough, you can actually pin new notes to your Always On Display for quick viewing.

To take notes without unlocking your phone, just open Settings, go to “Advanced Settings” and select “S Pen”. You should see a setting titled “When the S Pen is removed”. Tap on it and select the “Create Note” option. (Remember that your phone will not display the Air Command dialog when this setting is enabled.)

When you create a note from your lock screen, it should show a little “pin” icon. Click this icon to pin the note to your Always On Display. You can detach notes from Always On Display at any time; just press the little “X” button.

Improve your photos with suggested shots

Having a good camera doesn’t make you a great photographer. You just can’t automate composition or framing, you know, the way subjects are arranged in a shot. However, your Galaxy S22 Ultra can improve the composition of your photos with a feature called Shot Suggestions.

I’m surprised this isn’t enabled by default; Shot Suggestions analyzes your subject and prompts you to enhance your photos with subtle animations. These animations can help you level your shot or crop subjects for the best shot possible.

To enable shot suggestions, open the Camera app and tap the “Settings” icon (the gears). In the “Smart features” section, enable “Shooting suggestions”.

Wirelessly charge other devices

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Galaxy S22 in hand
Justin Duino

Headphones and other accessories always die when it’s least convenient. Fortunately, your Galaxy S22 Ultra doubles as a wireless charger. Need to power a smartwatch or smartphone on the fly? Simply stick it to the back of your Galaxy S22 Ultra!

Well, it’s not that simple. Reverse wireless charging does not happen automatically. To avoid accidental charging, you must activate this feature each time you want to use it.

Pull down the notification share on your Galaxy S22 Ultra and browse through the quick settings icons (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, auto-rotate, etc.). You should see one titled Wireless PowerShare. Tap it to enable reverse wireless charging – this feature always works when your Galaxy S22 Ultra is being charged by a USB-C cable.

Wireless PowerShare will automatically turn off when you stop charging another device. It can also turn off if your Galaxy S22 Ultra’s battery drops below 30%, although you can adjust this threshold in your “Battery & device care” settings.

Additionally, Wireless PowerShare only works with devices that support Qi wireless charging. Most phones will do, although many wireless headphones and smartwatches require wired charging.

Improve performance with virtual RAM

Josh Hendrickson

Does the Galaxy S22 Ultra struggle to keep up with your intense multitasking habits? It might be time to increase your phone’s virtual memory through RAM Plus settings. This process probably won’t make your phone any faster, but it should prevent apps from restarting when pushed to the background.

RAM Plus takes part of your phone’s memory and turns it into virtual memory. The same process happens on your Windows or Mac computer: when the computer detects that it’s low on RAM, it draws on your storage for a little more power.

By default, RAM Plus uses 4GB of storage from your Galaxy S22 Ultra for virtual memory. You can increase this value to 6 GB or 8 GB to improve multitasking performance. Just open Settings, go to “Battery and device care”, select “Memory” and tap “RAM Plus”.

Keep in mind that your phone will reset when you make changes to RAM Plus. Also, you cannot disable RAM Plus. If you prefer to use this storage space for files, apps, and games, your best option is to opt for 2 GB of virtual RAM.

Reading distant signs with the telephoto lens

Lint has piled up around the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's cameras
Justin Duino

One of the most impressive features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra is its telephoto lens, which offers 10x optical zoom. I don’t know how Samsung managed to fit this lens into such a low profile, but it’s there, and it’s like a pair of binoculars.

Let’s say you stop in a store and see a piece of paper taped to the door. Is the store closed? You don’t have to get out of your car and find out, because the Galaxy S22 Ultra can zoom in enough to see what’s on that piece of paper.

Using the telephoto lens on your Galaxy S22 Ultra is a breeze. Just open the Camera app and tap the telephoto icon, the little circle with a single leaf. You can then increase the zoom ratio by spreading two fingers apart on the screen.

Now your telephoto lens is not a perfect replacement of binoculars. You may notice noise or smearing in a magnified image, and of course you need a relatively steady hand to use this feature effectively.

Use your front and rear cameras simultaneously

Some situations require more than one camera. Maybe you’re trying to make a viral TikTok, or hey, maybe your band wants a fancy video for Instagram. But you don’t need two phones for these situations because you can use multiple cameras on your Galaxy S22 Ultra simultaneously.

Your Galaxy S22 Ultra has a cool feature called “Director’s View”. When enabled, this mode allows you to switch between all the cameras on your Galaxy S22 Ultra during recording. You can switch from a wide-angle shot to a zoom shot, for example, all by tapping a small thumbnail on the screen.

More importantly, you can enable “Vlogger Mode” to use your rear and selfie cameras at the same time. The benefits here are pretty clear; you can fully capture a conversation with a stranger, your reaction to a birthday present, or both sides of a coin.

Activating the director’s view is easy. Just open the Camera app, tap the “More” button and select “Director’s View”. By default, this mode starts in multi-camera view. To activate “Vlogger Mode”, tap one of the small white squares at the top or side of your screen. One of these options puts your selfie feed in a small window above the main video feed, while the other places both camera feeds in split view.

Control your camera with the S Pen

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra's S Pen pops out of the phone
Justin Duino

The S Pen is more than just a stylus. It is also a remote control that allows you to operate your Galaxy S22 Ultra remotely. Now, this feature isn’t very useful when you’re browsing the web or shopping on Amazon, but it comes in handy when you need to take a picture of yourself.

Try it now: open the Camera app and remove the S Pen from your Galaxy S22 Ultra. If you press the button on the S Pen, your phone will take a photo. It’s the perfect solution for selfies, group shots, or photos that need to be Great stable and consistent, like product photography.

But what if you want to change the camera you’re using? No problem, wave your S Pen upwards to switch between rear and selfie cameras. You can also wave your S Pen right or left to switch between photo or video modes.

You are ready to get the most out of your Galaxy S22 Ultra! We hope you find these features useful, as they’re some of the more unique (and lesser-known) perks of owning Samsung’s latest flagship.

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