A Broadway woman who posted a sexual photo of her friend on Snapchat has warned she could be jailed

A WOMAN has admitted posting private sexual images of her former friend on social media after he punched her.

Briony Carter, of Bibsworth Avenue, Broadway, faces a wait to find out her fate, but magistrates have told her she could still go to jail.

The 28-year-old pleaded guilty to disclosing/threatening to disclose private sex photographs and films with intent to cause distress and assault by beating when she appeared at Worcester Magistrates’ Court Thursday (August 25).

COURT: Briony Carter quits Worcester Magistrates Court

Sumreen Asfar, a prosecutor, showed magistrates the images posted on the app on July 11 this year.

Miss Asfar explained that Carter and the victim had been friends for four years before the friendship ended last Christmas.

The prosecutor said the victim heard nothing from Carter until June, when she contacted the victim to say she wanted her scarf back.

The victim explained to Carter that she could not find the scarf, which led to the sending of unpleasant messages.

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Later, Carter went with a mutual friend to the victim’s home in Evesham.

“When (the victim) returns home, Miss Carter punches her in the face,” Miss Asfar said.

“There was pain for a while.”

The prosecutor said the incident was only halted after the mutual friend intervened after Carter got his hands on the victim’s hair.

Miss Asfar said later that day the victim was contacted by her child’s schoolteacher to say intimate pictures of her had been posted on Snapchat – it appeared they had originally been posted by Carter.

Briony Carter and victim’s friendship ‘took the shape of a pear’, court says

The victim told police it was humiliating and embarrassing for her, and she was forced to delete her Snapchat app.

The court heard the footage was on Carter’s phone because the victim trusted her because she didn’t want her child to come across them on her phone.

Askara Rana, defending Carter, said it was a friendship that had become “pear-shaped”.

“There was a heated exchange, she got carried away,” Ms Rana said.

Cotswold Journal: COURT: Briony Carter appeared before Worcester Magistrates CourtCOURT: Briony Carter appeared in Worcester Magistrates Court

Ms Rana said her client went to the pub and after a few drinks, on impulse, did the ‘silly and immature’ act of uploading the pictures – but deleted the Snapchat story.

After the magistrates’ deliberations, Keith Lloyd-Wright, chairman of the magistrates’ bench, announced that they were adjourning for a pre-sentence report.

He said the magistrates at the next hearing would be told that they felt Carter should be given a community order.

The president told Carter that was no indication of her sentence, adding that she could still be imprisoned.

He gave Carter an unconditional bond, warning her that she must attend sentencing on September 15.

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