An injured veteran offered a smart home to overcome physical challenges

SAN ANTONIO –Retired Army Capt. Derick Carter proudly hoisted the American and military flags in the front yard of his new home Thursday morning.

“This moment is surreal, to have the opportunity to kind of see the culmination of all the hard work and the volunteers and organizations involved in making this happen is humbling,” Carter said.

Just over a decade ago, Carter was serving in Afghanistan when his platoon was ambushed in an explosive attack. He was badly injured and lost his left leg and has faced a number of complications since.

The Gary Sinise Foundation hopes to help Carter better adjust to life outside the military with a new custom-built smart home.

“Everything went much better than I had expected or even expected so that’s good. I can’t remember the last time I had a dining room table so probably at my house. mother growing up,” Carter said.

The smart home was designed with all of Carter’s needs in mind. From extra wide entry points and hallways to a fully accessible bathroom.

“Being able to go from there and roll right into the shower, and I know people don’t understand how important it is to spend as much time as possible without losing your head in a chair, but especially as you get older and ‘re heavier, than the wear and tear on the remaining knee. Every time you don’t jump to the bathroom and take that extra step, you can do it with your kids, your family, or wherever,” Carter said.

Carter’s new home will help her become more independent with amenities like automated blinds, climate zoned and low counters.

“I think accessibility to all devices is going to be the biggest difference and that’s awesome,” Carter said.

He thanked everyone who made it possible and said it’s really the American spirit. With the help of national partners, contractors and generous donations from the public, he now has a home.

“Really, it’s just, it’s really feeling appreciated and loved and like that aspect of community that’s missing in a lot of places,” Carter said.

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