Best Amazon Echo Show 2021: Which Echo Show Device Should You Buy?


Unlike any other Amazon device that came before, the newer and bigger Echo Show transforms the format. With a photo frame aesthetic, it bears more than a fleeting resemblance to the Facebook portal. But while the boxy Echo Show 15 can land on surfaces with a stand sold separately, its real purpose is achieved when you mount it to the wall.

Oriented in portrait or landscape mode (you can toggle after installation), it becomes a suitable family whiteboard for 2021. Its 15.6-inch Full HD display houses Alexa-powered widgets that try to keep your life in order. From sticky notes to shopping lists to timetables, the Echo Show 15 is a real hub for your household. And while its 5MP camera isn’t the sharpest in the Echo Show line, it still benefits from facial recognition (backed up by voice ID), so family members can see reminders that are relevant to them.

It also supports meaningful multitasking. This means you can view feeds from connected cameras, for example, while streaming a Netflix show or reviewing a recommended recipe. Its pair of 1.6-inch speakers won’t match the audio power of the Echo Show 10, but this smart panel is much easier to hide, especially if you’re using the Photo Frame feature to display your favorite shots of Facebook or Amazon Photos. It’s just a shame about the thread hanging down below.

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