BGMI Sensitivity Code: Players can now download their sensitivity settings to use on multiple devices, here’s how


Gamers who usually play games like BGMI on multiple devices often end up having issues trying to get a consistent experience across different platforms, as each device can have its own set of quirks and challenges. Something that can help is the sensitivity code in Mobile India battlefields, which is one of the best ways to ensure that gamers can maintain their command set and sensitivity settings across multiple devices.

How it works is that players will need to upload their sensitivity settings to the cloud, after which they will generate their own unique sensitivity code – which they can use on multiple devices. It’s a great way for gamers to make sure they never get caught off guard or slip into new devices and ensure a consistent experience every time.

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How to download the sensitivity code in BGMI?


The sensitivity code can be generated through the Settings menu by simply following these steps:

  1. Head to Settings in BGMI
  2. To select Sensitivity> Upload to cloud
  3. Confirm the settings and upload to the cloud.

Additionally, players can also transfer their layout from one device to another by selecting the “Manage Layout” option on the sae screen. Players can then redeem the code on different devices by simply going back to the Sensitivity menu and selecting Layout Management. From there, players can select “Search Method” and paste a sensitivity code they already own.

This is extremely useful in many different types of cases, as gamers who are often very picky about their controls often don’t like to change things up when they switch devices. Alternatively, some players may end up liking someone else’s sensitivity settings and may want to use it instead, that way, instead of trying to duplicate it by hand – players can just enter their sensitivity code and use it.

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