Dialog launches smart home security doorbell

Dialog has introduced a state-of-the-art smart security doorbell designed to be the ultimate first line of defense for the home.

It’s one of the most affordable entry-level smart security systems in the country, a company spokesperson said.

The Smart Home Doorbell is equipped with an array of security features. Motion detection sensors can instantly alert you to any suspicious activity occurring outside your gate or front door.

The doorbell’s built-in HD camera will let you see what’s happening outside your front door in HD quality anytime, anywhere.

Are you expecting a delivery? Speak to the delivery person or an unexpected guest remotely via the two-way communication system to verify their identity. If your entrance gate is equipped with a smart lock, you can unlock it remotely via your mobile device. The remote unlock feature is ideal for home-based businesses that operate 24 hours a day.

The cloud storage feature will give you the ability to store HD quality videos recorded through your doorbell for up to seven days.

The ability to onboard up to 20 users means each member of your household can have their own digital home key. Dialog Smart Home’s smart doorbell comes with a six-month warranty and can be installed in a few simple steps, he said.

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