Flashback: iPhone 6 introduced a new design in 2014 that still lives on


The best design ever made by Apple!


XYZ, 4 hours agoI’m still using iPhone 6 as my secondary phone in 2022. No Android user can imagine using a… moreI’m still using a Samsung Note 3 as a secondary device in 2022 and working perfectly, but with a custom ROM of course. And more, it has a removable battery.


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Remember when the iPhone 6 design was beautiful and considered modern.
The iPhone SE3 remembers.
That being said, I wish I had been on the design team at Apple. Lots of money and less work. MDR.


The iPhone 6 was one of the best iPhones made by Apple!


I loved the original blocky design of the iPhone 4 and 4S, but didn’t like the glass back. So when they got rid of that for an Aluminum Unibody and extended to 16:9 on the iPhone 5, 5S and SE, I was so happy. I really admired the miniature size of these devices, they can even slip into a front pocket (discreet recording for example), but I have large hands so I have always preferred large screens since the Samsung NOTE 1 d ‘origin.

Anyway, when Apple moved from 5S to 6, I didn’t like the aesthetics.
The rear camera now had a bump, the sides were curved, and the device was detrimentally thin (smaller battery, more heat, less stiffness). And it was unfortunate to see Apple carry over these design issues into the future series; 7, 8, XS and 11.

With the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series, the rear glass is more frosted and less fragile. While the sides are now squared and chamfered, making them less slippery and more ergonomic. Apple still has issues with their design, with their camera alignment and that dreaded notch.

I feel like if Steve Jobs had a say in it, the iPhone would be different than Jony Ive and Tim Cook imagined. It would have a flat ergonomic design, a flush rear camera, and the back plate would still be a metal alloy which would help with cooling. Sure, it would have killed the 3.5mm headphone jack, but it would also have removed the Lightning USB and rendered it portless. In exchange, it would’ve bumped it up to IP69K protection, increased battery size, and added wireless/MagSafe fast charging. Also, it’s very likely that Steve Jobs would have opted for a symmetrical design (use it upside down/upside down) which means using the thin edge at the top and bottom to house stereo speakers in the front. There would be absolutely no notch, there would be a selfie stick below the screen, and security would be handled by TouchID implemented inside the logo on the back.


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Much like a ThinkPad’s trackpoint and keyboard, the iPhone SE with its 4.7-inch LCD screen and TouchID button is a mature, well-tested design. The LCD screen won’t strain your eyes like AMOLED will. It will take better photos than 80% of the phones out there with its well-tested AI and OIS. And it’ll receive security updates far beyond the phone you’re currently using.

Congratulations on figuring something out and then sticking to it. I wish more companies would do this — we could have Lincoln Town Cars with electric motors, for example. The iPhone SE has a subtle everyday look at this point that won’t have you flying off the streets of Bogota. Nice phone.

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