Gamified Social Media Explurger App Raises $ 1 Million Funding

New Delhi [India]: Explurger, a next-generation social media app aimed at a global audience, has raised $ 1 million in pre-series A from a group of investors. The first capital raised by the start-up, which has been a bootstrap until now, will fuel team expansion, product functionality and user acquisition.

The current funding round led by Ruchirans Jaipuria (Managing Director, Jaipuria Group) has also seen participation from Lovkesh Arora (Founder and CEO, Phithos Technologies), Piyush Jain and other angel investors through LetsVenture. “Digital transformation is happening at scale. As the global IT and social media giants have leaders of Indian descent in charge, it’s time

India has its own social media platform competing with the best in the field. The funds raised will bring us closer to this goal for the country and put India on the world map. The app resonates with the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision. This will accelerate our growth, ”said Jitin Bhatia, founder of Explurger.

Explurger, which went live during the pandemic, already has users from over 40 countries – acquired organically – due to its unique characteristics. It’s the first AI-powered social media app that uses the thrill of gamification and travel stories to engage its users. It is also the first in the category to reward its users for their social activity on the platform.

“The gamification aspect means that every time a user posts a photo, shares a status message, gives someone a Kudo to show they like the post, or fits in with a place, they get counts or points. Depending on the counts, they get different levels such as Cobalt, Silver, Gold, Spectra or Prime. This is reflected in the color of the logo next to their profile. The more they use, the more chances they have to reach the next level. This unique feature adds excitement. Our users love it, “Bhatia explained.

“We are seeing a huge demand for a safe, clutter-free social networking area that people can trust. There is a void for a gamified social media app that is user-centric in its approach. This is the gap that we are closing. Our unique features and advanced technology help us grow quickly, ”he added. “We are perhaps the only social media app that rewards users for the time they spend on the platform. Explurger is redefining the way you socialize,” said Bhatia, who has a career spanning over two decades in Programming, Pvt Equity and Business Development.

Explurger lets you celebrate your life with friends and family like no other social media app does. It offers an exciting experience by playing social media for the first time. Additionally, a Rewards section on the app allows users to claim offers and discounts on over 30 popular brands, such as Tata Sky, Hamleys, Lifestyle, Lenovo, and Frens N Petals. It allows you to go beyond the recordings and the obvious. As you share photos and videos, the AI ​​in this sleek app automatically creates a trip log for you, taking into account the exact miles, cities, countries, and continents you’re traveling to. What else? You can even create a Bucket List of the places you want to visit and share your future travel plans.

“I ask everyone to download it and spread the word so that the world connects to Explurger,” Bhatia said.

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