GistHouse to revolutionize social media audio app


After years of consuming multiple social media apps founded in different parts of the world, some investor groups including Africans and Europeans are set to launch an Afrocentric Audio-Conversation social media audio platform that will rival popular clubhouse and green room apps.

It was revealed in a statement over the weekend, saying Gisthouse is going to revolutionize the way we interact on social media and it’s very African.

The release says the new Audio-gisting social media app called GistHouse is similar in concept to the Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and Green Room apps, but contains around 10 different new features that most first-gen audio app users are clamoring for. .

He added that Gisthouse would allow people around the world to come together to talk, listen and interact with each other in real time.

According to the release, people, brands and companies will also be able to do business on the app, get paid on the app, and promote their products and services, all in audio format.

He said “Gisthouse” is an audio-based social networking app that allows people to connect and chat. It will be different and full of energy and will have all the attributes of the Afrocentric elements that made Africans what they are ”.

“Audio chat apps are the future. The success of Clubhouse in such a short period of time is proof of this fact. Twitter, Spotify, and even Facebook are planning their own audio apps.

“Most of the time when new revolutions in digital technology begin, Africa and Africans have always been invisible until the market was closed to new entrants. “

We seemed to specialize in being consumers of new technology for the world instead of owning African platforms that the world can then adopt and consume.

“For example, Indians have social media apps created by Indians for the world. The same goes for the Chinese and other continents. So we decided that, since the audio chat social media industry is still in its infancy, less than 1% of the world is even aware of what’s to come.

“This is the right time for Africa to take a stand and create an African-owned Afro-centric app for the African continent even as we invite the world to take advantage of it with us.

“With GistHouse, Africa can then take an early stake in the audio chat social media industry. We can now summarize our African history on our terms. It’s high time Africans started a big social media movement instead of just massively jumping onto platforms created by foreigners.

“We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Clubhouse all created by foreigners but we don’t have anything very important created in the social media space by Africans,” the statement said.

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