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Give your home a makeover with TCL smart TVs at the Flipkart Republic Day sale

Posted on January 16, 2022

This Republic Day, TCL, the world’s second largest consumer electronics brand, announced exclusive offers for its customers during the Flipkart Republic Day Sale. Take advantage of attractive discounts and offers on a wide range of products during the sale period.

delhi: In what turns out to be the first big sale of the year, TCL, a leading consumer electronics brand, is offering massive discounts on a wide range of products, including some of the high-end Mini LED TVs, 4K, QLED and more. These exciting offers combined with attractive banking offers will be valid on Flipkart from January 17, 2022 to January 22, 2022. The Flipkart Republic Day sale will be a great opportunity for customers to makeover their homes and improve their TV viewing experience. Along with a full range of recent and high-end TV series, regular smart TV models would also be available at the best price during the sale period.

“TCL, as a brand, believes in customer centricity, which is quite evident and reflected in our innovations and products. Committed to bringing people closer to technology, we provide our consumers with a unique and unparalleled entertainment experience to brighten their homes with best-in-class products. Says Mike Chen, Managing Director, TCL India. The smart TV industry in the country is quite versatile and evolving at a rapid pace. Along with the demand for smart TVs, the demand for premium and high-end Mini LED, 4K and QLED TVs has also seen an upward trend in recent years. With cutting-edge technological innovations, TCL aims to offer products that meet the expectations of modern, young and dynamic consumers.

C825 Mini LED

One of TCL’s high-end offerings, the C825 Mini LED 4K QLED TV is India’s first-ever Mini LED TV. The TV promises better picture quality and accuracy thanks to Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby ATMOS which also deliver the best picture quality and audio experience in its class. The device also features hands-free voice control to provide seamless control for users, allowing them to operate their TV using simple and direct voice commands. Available in 65-inch and 55-inch sizes, the Mini LEDs are priced at INR 1.47,999 and INR 1,05,999 respectively.

C815 4K QLED

Featuring Quantum Dot technology and Dolby Vision, the TCL C815 delivers a seamless viewing experience, the TV also supports HDR 10+ and MEMC. In terms of audio, the TV supports Dolby Audio, which is combined with an ONKYO soundbar for truly immersive listening. The TV’s ultra-thin metal casing complements any interior. Available in 65-inch and 55-inch sizes, the C815 4K QLED TVs are priced at INR 83,999 and INR 63,999 respectively.


The TCL C725 offers impressive display and sound quality along with built-in smart features. The TV keeps you connected, informed and happy. With Far Field Voice Control, you can now access and control your TV without using the remote. With Game Master, you can now enjoy a gaming experience like never before. Available in 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, the TVs are priced at INR 54,999, INR 59,999 and INR 97,999, respectively.

C715 4K QLED

Featuring Quantum Dot, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and IPQ Engine, the device promises an exceptional TV experience. Supported by Dolby ATMOS, the TV also offers intelligent DTS audio processing for an unprecedented listening experience. The hands-free voice control feature provides seamless control of the TV. Available in 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, the TVs are priced at INR 44,999, INR 53,999 and INR 89,999, respectively.

P725 4K LEDs

Powered by TCL Smart AI and Android R(11), the P725 comes with a magic webcam to give you cutting-edge smart functions and a range of entertainment experiences. Viewers can also enjoy super smooth visuals thanks to MEMC. The TV is designed for more interactive features and better entertainment. Available in 43 inch, 50 inch, 55 inch and 65 inch, the TVs are priced at INR 34,999, INR 44,999, INR 47,999 and INR 69,999 respectively.

P715 AI-compatible 4K LEDs

The device features an A+ grade panel as well as micro dimming to ensure the best picture quality in its class. Dolby Audio promises ultra-realistic and enhanced sound. The device also comes with smart connectivity that lets you use your TV in a smarter way. Available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, the TVs are priced at INR 34,999, INR 37,999, INR 42,999 and INR 68,999 respectively.

P615 4K LEDs

The device is capable of producing stunning detail, all shades of light and natural colors for a truly immersive viewing experience. 4K upscaling technology combined with micro-dimming improves picture clarity and LED performance. Dolby audio produces clear and powerful sound. The TV also comes with a built-in Google Assistant. Available in 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch sizes, the devices are priced at INR 28,999, INR 35,999, INR 38,999 and INR 58,999 respectively.

HD-compatible S5200

The TCL S5200 series features a slim design with super narrow bezels, HDR picture quality, micro dimming, Dolby Audio, voice search function and more. Smart TV lets you enjoy live sports and other content in high quality. The built-in Google Assistant makes it easy for users to use simple voice commands and also provides a user-friendly experience. The A+ grade Full HD panel ensures crisp, clear and crisp visuals. Available in 32-inch and 43-inch sizes, the smart TVs cost INR 15,499 and INR 24,999 respectively.


The A+ grade panel, along with HDR 10 and micro-dimming ensure viewers enhance the TV viewing experience. Along with these, the TV also comes with built-in stereo speakers and Dolby Audio which helps in optimizing the sound quality. The voice remote makes your life easier by allowing you to control the TV via voice commands. Available in 43 inches, the TV is priced at INR 24,999.

P30S HD compatible

The sleek and powerful P30S Smart Android TV offers immersive visuals, thrilling acoustics and a diverse selection of entertainment options. This home entertainment device features a slim design to enhance your decor, a surround stereo speaker for dynamic sound, and a built-in Chromecast to stream content from your smart devices. Available in 32 inches, the TV is priced at INR 14,999.

S65A HD Ready LEDs

The HDR feature of the TCL S65A Android TV optimizes picture contrast, picture details and adds color to images, enhancing your viewing experience. Using a special algorithm automatically changes the lighting of this smart TV to increase the brightness of objects on the screen. This lets you create graphics with a greater range of brightness and finer detail. Available in 32 inches, the TV is priced at INR 15,999.


Delivering a great viewing experience, the TV also comes with plenty of connectivity features to let you expand your entertainment horizons. Internet browsing support on TV also lets you experience the online world on a giant screen and keeps you connected at all times. All this combined with an elegant design fits perfectly with the decoration of your home. Available in 43 inches, the TV is priced at INR 24,999.


Besides giving you a fully immersive experience, the TV also comes with plenty of connectivity features to ensure you get the best entertainment experience. The TV also comes with internet connectivity which allows you to browse and watch your favorite program without any hassle. Available in 32 inches, the TV is priced at INR 15,499.


The TCL D311 lights up your eyes while you watch your favorite shows and movies. The TV is equipped with HDR technology and offers stunning visual quality and vivid color details. Built-in speakers deliver immersive sound that takes your TV experience to the next level. The D311 also features a wide viewing angle to ensure you don’t miss watching your favorite shows from any corner of the room. Available in 32 inches, the TV is priced at INR 12,999.

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