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ST. CHARLES (KMOV.com) – Angela Cuniberti has owned a Furbo camera for the past five years that throws treats at her dogs Cal and Duke. But the other night, something much worse than a candy bar came out.

“When I was walking, I heard a man’s voice say ‘hey sweetie’. I basically panicked, I thought someone had entered my house. My dogs started barking like crazy, ”Cuniberti said.

She realized the voice was coming from the Furbo camera.

“I see that little red light, and I said, ‘it’s weird, it shouldn’t be on or whatever’, I went to take a closer look and that’s when ‘he started to laugh,’ she said.

This is the latest in hacking attacks against cameras connected to the Internet. From Ring cameras to baby monitors, hackers come in and scare people, but sometimes a lot worse.

“We’ve put these little internet-connected chips in all of these devices and the problem is we’ve now opened up security issues everywhere,” said Scott Granneman, technology expert and assistant professor at Webster University.

Granneman said that once they connect to your camera, they can access your router, which will allow access to your computer and information. Cuniberti called the police and contacted the company.

“I haven’t used it since. I contacted the Furbo company and they told me they could replace a new one and I said not to do it because I don’t do it anymore, ”she said.

Furbo’s email says the company takes security very seriously and the hacker has likely hacked its WiFi.

There are ways to prevent hackers from accessing Ring or Furbo cameras, according to Granneman.

“If you insist on getting one, I would buy one from a well-known manufacturer and check their updates as well,” Granneman said.

He said companies that update their software more frequently are often more secure. But there is no guarantee. Granneman said he does not allow any of these types of devices to enter his home.

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