Hindware’s consumer appliances business becomes Hindware Smart Appliances

Hindware Home Innovation Limited on Wednesday announced the rebranding of its consumer appliance brands under a single “Hindware Smart Appliances” brand. Aligned with the Hindware parent brand, all consumer home appliances will now be hosted under Hindware Smart Appliances. “Since the beginning of the consumer devices business, we have worked hard to execute our growth strategy by building our capabilities, investing in our product offerings, infrastructure and human resources. Bringing together our comprehensive product portfolio under a single ‘Hindware Smart Appliances’ brand is a logical step towards solidifying our brand and clearly communicating what it reflects – a smart, futuristic and truly human technology brand,” Rakesh Kaul, CEO and Full-Time Director, Hindware Home Innovation Limited, said.

With the rebrand, the goal is to continue to lead the industry with innovative, smart and connected devices that bring ease, simplicity and happiness to consumers’ busy lives, the company said in an official statement. Through this, the company aims to build a stronger connection with consumers, improve brand recall and strengthen market position while leveraging Hinduware’s long-standing heritage of continuous innovation and trust among all stakeholders.

“We are working to improve our digital strategy to gain a competitive advantage in D2C, e-commerce and social marketing. Our goal has always been to leverage consumer insights to meet their needs and therefore, we are now following a digital-first approach to provide our consumers with seamless brand experiences where, when and how they choose to buy,” Kaul added.

The new “Hindware Smart Appliances” brand logo is designed with a bold black color on a white background. The brand’s value proposition remains unchanged and it will continue to be committed to its consumers by providing modern, smart and innovative solutions to add convenience to their lives, the company said. As part of the company’s rebranding, the first part of the ongoing reconstruction of the company’s website has already been launched.

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