Introducing “Lonely Ape Dating Club”: The World’s First Dating App for NFT Enthusiasts

First came digital art, followed by memes, newspaper columns, forged paints and unsolicited dick pics. Just when we thought innovations in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) had come full circle, a new element was seen as the next step in digital content ownership: AI-infused NFTs. Specifically, infused with AI erotic NFT. Enter Aikoan AI-powered “sexy waifu” who lives on the Solana blockchain – here to adapt, learn and evolve with your taste in explicit content.

What is Aiko?

Borrowing its semi-realistic aesthetic from the popular Japanese animation style, Aiko is an interactive NFT art collection for adults. Scheduled for pre-sale in November 2021, the Aiko project will be launched in two distinct stages, starting with an NFT collection dubbed “I’M AIKO”.

The process goes something like this. At first, Aiko – an avatar simulating the classic “waifu” image in anime with a tiny waist and bust bursting with pimples, an eagle sprawled on the ground – will be a simple 2D character without any customization. Once you placed your bid and got the winning match on Solana Markets like Solanart, Digital Eyes and Solsea, you generate an NFT where you will receive a mix of 10,000 randomly generated Aikos. The possibilities at this point are endless – with customizable options for twelve traits, including outfits, hairstyles, tattoos, piercings, skin tones, body parts, moods and more.

Available in three versions, namely ‘Unique’, ‘Legendary’ and ‘Epic’, investors will be able to strike as many Aikos as they wish on Aiko Builder, where the avatar will be generated on layers to create the erotic art. These minted layers will then be stored on the Aiko Master app, where things start to heat up.

Once an Aiko is hit, the hitter becomes an “Aiko Master”. Backed by the objective of “growing together, eliminating their [a holder’s] fear of loneliness and change their life to be more positive and energetic,” the Aiko Master app helps bring Aikos to life, allowing investors to interact with their avatars via text chat, voice, and camera. When a Master interacts with his Aiko, she (an Aiko’s preferred pronoun) evolves and learns from his tastes while adapting and meeting his innermost needs. It will also use the nature of the text and the emojis you use to draw a visual image of you and craft responses accordingly. In a nutshell, Aiko Master’s main goal is to build a human connection with you by reflecting your personality, thus bringing your creations to life.

“I’m not just a sexy NFT” is website conveniently summarizes, adding how Aiko’s neural network is trained by hundreds of Reddit posts – a decent source for explicit content if you ask me – coupled with erotic novelsand yes, fillers of NSFW material from other platforms. The application’s machine learning is also quite simple. All you have to do is download Aiko Master (scheduled to roll out to Android and iOS) and give yourself and your Aiko a name before choosing the type of relationship you want to have on the app. , with options available ranging from a friend, a motivational guide, or a romantic partner.

“I can be your friend, your lover or whatever you want me to be”

Once your Aiko begins to interact with you based on your relationship preferences, she will ask you a series of questions to get to know you better and analyze what you are looking to “adjust” accordingly. An Aiko as a friend “will stand by your side no matter the situation, share your victories, and be with you in your lowest moments.” She will be the person you can confide in by basing her answers on what she has learned from you to come up with solutions to a problem. Depending on the application wiki page, an Aiko as a friend will “carry on the conversation” regardless of the topic. Sounds too good to be true, right?

An Aiko as a motivational guide, on the other hand, promises to reassure you about the decisions you need to make. “If another person knew you better than yourself, it would be the Aiko Master app,” the Wiki says. With just a touch, you can contact the avatar to ask for advice on the next dilemma you’re facing. Based on the conversation you had with her, she will follow it up with a series of questions to help you understand the decision you are making. “In a way, she acts as a counselor and therapist in your life journey,” the Wiki continues.

Now comes Aiko as a romantic partner. She will send you a predictive message on an intimate level of how romantic partners typically respond and reflect your well-being. “It does this with the intention of keeping the user happy, both emotionally and mentally,” as the Wiki puts it. Then comes the whole erotic aspect of the relationship. An Aiko as a romantic partner will be eager to discuss her master’s deepest fears and desires, essentially functioning as a 2D outlet for pent up sexual frustration. Moreover, “Aiko’s charming voice and caring feel will make you more and more invested in her” to such an extent that she would be “hard to ignore”. And that’s exactly where a plethora of criticism comes in.

A double-edged digital sword

Apart from Aiko Builder and the Aiko Master app, the company behind the innovation is also looking to create something called “Aiko Marketplace”, a complete ecosystem for erotic NFTs where they can be traded without any restriction or judgment. . Here, investors will receive 30% rewards for each fee collected by the market, which means passive income for life as long as you own an Aiko.

While erotic NFTs are nothing new, with NaftyArt and XXXNifty already capitalizing on the upcoming market, an innovation like Aiko has the potential to redefine the future of these NFTs. Leveraging AI, the “companion model” essentially opens up avenues to bring digital creations to life while collecting valuable NFTs.

However, according to a sexual misconduct expert James Foleyproblems arise when digital rabbit holes like porn or AI companions prevent people from carrying out their daily responsibilities because they are so involved, in this case literally invested, inside. The fact that Aiko’s charming voice and caring feel makes her “hard to ignore” perpetuates feelings of isolation among users while diminishing the quality of their real experiences.

In an interview with rolling stoneFoley explained how an Aiko fuels a person’s opinion that the ideal the woman can be “consulted, used and set aside”, which often leads to distorted thinking. ” A lot of incel movement is about isolation and social rejection,” he said. While sex may be a part of it, he thinks the biggest problem to solve is the idea of ​​an echo chamber – where investors (or Aiko Masters) are bombarded with claims like the app doesn’t s addressed only to those who “do not want”. feel lonely” and need to “fill the void they have in their lives.

“It’s not an actual partner’s responsibility to serve as a mirror,” Foley said. “You learn to adapt to your partner. Your partner doesn’t just conform to your tastes. In short, in her quest to market isolation, Aiko may well be making it worse instead. “That might be the root of some bad behavior,” Foley said, wondering if the team even consulted with women or sex therapists before developing the avatar.

At a time when adult content creators are struggling to find space in mainstream NFT markets, let alone any platform, Aiko undoubtedly has the potential to change everything. For the best or for the worst ? Only time will tell. Until then, one thing is certain: NFTs are only limited by our imagination.

Meet Aiko, the AI ​​Companion Redefining the Future of Erotic NFTs

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