Is Reddit down? What we know so far amid app issues

Reddit users were reporting issues with the social media site on Tuesday night.

Redditors were unable to browse the site or use the app which comes after Spotify, Discord and Twitter experienced outages tonight.

According to Down Detector, the problems started just after 9 p.m., with people complaining that they couldn’t load the app or website.

Issues with the social media site have been recorded across the UK on Down Detector, including in London, Edinburgh and Nottingham.

Reddit app. Credit: PA

Of the issues reported, 76% were related to issues with the app, while 18% were related to issues with the website.

6% of the additional problems were related to his connection to the server.

A user of the Down Detector website noted, “We had trouble accessing reddit” More like… We’re having a lot of trouble getting this app to work normally.

While another user on Twitter said, “Wait, Reddit is down too? What’s going on?”

And a third said: “Done via Spotify only for Reddit to be down now”.

Reddit has yet to comment on the outage reports.

According to the heat map, the worst affected areas are Edinburgh and London.

You can use the heat map on Down Detector to see if you are in one of the worst affected areas via the Down Detector website.

Downdetector only reports an incident when the number of problem reports is significantly higher than the typical volume for that time of day.

You can visit the Downdetector methodology to learn more about how it detects issues.

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