Launch of the first sustainable social media app, WeAre8

WeAre8 is a new social media platform focused on hate-free, planet-friendly content that can put money in people’s wallets and reconnect people with the true meaning of community.

To bring the platform to Australia, WeAre8 teamed up with a group of local high-profile players – AFL legend and 2014 Australian of the Year Adam Goodes, singer-songwriter Adrian Eagle, bestselling author Sarah Wilson, proud Maori artist of Australia and Aotearoa, Stan Walker and Tsehay Hawkins of the Wiggles.

Creators will be able to share exclusive content and their expertise around the theme of rapprochement.

WeAre8 Australia Managing Director Lizzie Young says: “Technology and social media divide us more than ever. Algorithms control what we see, making our world smaller and more divided. It doesn’t make us happier or more connected.

As one of the original five changemakers, Goodes is an advocate for Indigenous Australians, a beacon of resilience and optimism, and an inspiring role model who works to create a better Australia for all.

On joining the WeAre8 Advisory Board, he says, “I am really excited to share my lived experience with the WeAre8 family. I love WeAre8’s vision of celebrating what is good in our world and showing our 8Family the power to give.

The changemaker’s announcement coincides with WeAre8’s first over-the-line marketing campaign in Australia, which aims to encourage Australians to test a hate-free, planet-friendly social media platform capable of putting money in their wallet and celebrating the good in life.

How is WeAre8 different?

WeAre8 allows users to view just eight minutes of handpicked content every day on 8Stage.

The application promotes positivism, diversity, community and collective development.

8Citizens can follow creators around the world or become a verified 8Creator and contribute to a more conscious social media community through short storytelling. Users can subscribe to advertisements and get paid for it. The app has a portfolio feature that pays users for every ad they see. Charitable donations are also available for users to make a positive impact on the world.

After eight minutes, WeAre8 actively tells people to go enjoy the rest of their day screen-free.

WeAre8 is the world’s only carbon negative social media platform, with 50% of profits going back into users’ pockets through a breakthrough ad experience, 5% to charities and carbon offsetting, and 5% to a fund of creators.

Since launching in the UK earlier this year, WeAre8 has already attracted hundreds of thousands of citizens who are actively making a real impact on the planet and their own wallets.

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