Lenovo’s Smart Clock is just $25 (save 50%)


If you’re still knocking a dusty alarm clock with a brass bell on top, know that alarm clocks just got a whole lot smarter, just like everything else. Lenovo manufactures a series of smart clocks like this one and this one. A few years ago, the smart home brand released a simpler version of the smart clock with only the essential characteristics. Right now, this super-smart clock is at an all-time high of $25 at Best Buy (previous low was $35).

A full smart display is probably too much like a bedside table alarm clock, but Lenovo’s Smart Clock was designed to be a bedside companion: the 4-inch color display provides the basics (time, weather), and the The unit doubles as a pretty Google Assistant compatible and a solid Bluetooth speaker too.

GameSpot’s Andrew Gebhart reviewed smart clock essentials when he came to the market. He dug the simple interface and responsive mics and also praised the sound quality. By contrast, the digital clock face still emits a faint glow even on its lowest setting and the controls aren’t as intuitive as they could be.

But for $25, those might be concessions you can take.

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