LOOKOUT PM: From Omicron, Social Media Hoaxes & Eaters Digest Tips

Hey, hey, it’s the weekend.

And not just any weekend. The one before the Crazy Vacation Week leading up to the Crazy Vacation Weekend … that precedes the following Crazy Vacation Weekend and weekend.

Yes, take a deep breath – maybe even a deep tissue massage – the next few days. I also highly recommend a Christmas vacation replay if you haven’t already done so this holiday season. A little Chevy Chase, Randy Quaid and Julia Louis-Dreyfus will solve a lot of problems this time of year.

But before we do anything, let’s talk about Omicron, a nationwide school social media hoax that led to a local arrest, delicious weekend food options, and our latest Unsung Santa Cruz story.

In the headlines of the day we go …

Time costs money: Same-day COVID-19 testing price can be high

Convenience at a cost: Under federal and state laws, COVID-19 testing must be covered by insurance, and any provider that accepts coverage must also provide it free of charge to the uninsured. Results often take between three and five days. For those Santa Cruz locals who need it faster, there are local options, but the most convenient can cost up to $ 225. Haneen Zain has the details.

?? VARIANT CONCERN: Delta and Omicron could soon overwhelm hospitals (LA Times)
?? YOUNGEST SAFETY: When is the timeframe for children under 5 to be vaccinated against COVID? (The Times)
?? The latest vaccine / booster data for Santa Cruz County
?? COVID-19 Updates in Santa Cruz County: Infections, Hospitalizations, Deaths and Demographics

No credible threat in school violence “challenge”, but college student is arrested

A Watsonville police car.  Like other cities, Watsonville is grappling with calls to “fund the police”.

(Kevin Painchaud / Santa Cruz Belvedere)

What we know: Santa Cruz officials said there were “no verified or credible threats” identified amid a social media trend that encouraged users to call for shootings or bomb threats on Friday. schools. However, a student who allegedly made a threat at a Watsonville college was arrested in the afternoon. More on that here.

?? ICYMI: Jorge Zamora Selected to Be New Watsonville Police Chief (Grace Stetson)

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Rustic Ales Food Transition, Hanloh Pad Thai Home, and Gayle’s Holiday Treats

Hanloh's Rustic Pad Thai Kits have everything you need to make an authentic Pad Thai for six right in your own home.

(Photo by Anne Martinete.)

DIGEST THE EATERS: A makeover will bring Todd Parker’s pizzas to Sante Adairius’ Midtown location in the New Year, but before that, don’t miss your chance to make Lalita Kaewsawang’s pad thai in your own kitchen, maybe with dessert courtesy of a Capitola institution. Lily Belli takes a look at all of this and the top foodie events of the week ahead in Eaters Digest. That and more from Lily Belli.

?? ICYMI: Local Restaurants vs. Supply Chain Blues: What We Learned About Price Changes, Menu Losses, Sourcing (Lily Belli)

“They needed a community”, and it was she who kept them together


(Kevin Painchaud / Santa Cruz Belvedere)

Little known Santa Cruz: Through the pandemic and the CZU fire, yoga studio owner Juko Holiday has prioritized her clients through the community and the safe space she cultivated at Ease Mountain Yoga in Ben Lomond. Holiday lost both of her tiny homes to the fire, but continued to offer free Zoom meditation classes from a hotel lobby to help heal her community. Haneen Zain with the story here.

?? OUR CURRENT SERIES: All Normal People Doing Amazing Things in One Place

More from here and elsewhere

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➤ SF mayor declares state of emergency in the net (SF gate)
Nets, unvaccinated Irving finds middle ground by letting him play (USA today)
➤ Fact check: No evidence Trump asked for 10,000 troops before January 6 (USA today)
➤ Amid Omicron Rise, Companies Are Relaxing Return-to-Work Policies (NBC News)
➤ Food suppliers blame inflation for price increases. Lawmakers say they are padding the bill. (NBC News)

Have a good weekend everyone. We’ll kick off the holiday week madness together on Monday.

Marc Conley
Associate Editor

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