Louisiana man reaches digital fame on TikTok with comedy

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana (AP) – Dressed in a pig costume, a man from Shreveport attracting feral pigs from his tree had a modern thought: I should shoot my first TikTok.

Today, Leigh McClendon, 27, has 2.2 million followers.

The norm on this social media app is to pursue your successful niche, and McClendon has followed that mantra, buying more costumes and posting hunting-inspired videos like turtle, pig, deer, squirrel, chicken, dog, cat. , turkey, crayfish, corn, cow – with captions like “just a squirrel and his nuts” and plots of squirrels punishing dogs for their “war crimes”.

“I did it all – I tested tons of videos,” says McClendon, known online as Leigh McNasty.

“I posted videos of me singing and some of them got millions of views,” McClendon said, pointing to a TikTok style of opera that was followed by favorite musical artist by McClendon, Josh Groban, and 50,000 other accounts.

His sister Haley McClendon thinks he’ll be the next Seth Rogan or Chris Pratt, pointing to his good-natured silliness and long brown hair as the qualities of movie idols.

“It’s actually the first time he’s been washing his hair. He’s actually using shampoo and conditioner these days, now that he’s got fans and stuff. I’m proud of him, ”Haley said.

His longtime friend Trevor Jones, who says he erases five digits a month while playing Fortnite and other video games, believes McClendon will be much taller than that.

“He’ll be an Internet star, which is bigger than a movie star,” Jones said. “Nothing is more powerful than this viral power.”

The hunt inspired McClendon’s first ideas for TikTok. Teaching in elementary school, his profession, then inspired a plethora of “Kids Say the Darndest Things” style content, where McClendon plays a restless teacher and a student cartwheeling and his stomach exposed in exchange. This is where most of its success comes from.

“I like a good funeral,” he interprets as an excited student in a TikTok that has been viewed 10.3 million times, to which his teacher can only respond in horror, “What?” and the student clarifies, “cannot spell funeral without pleasure.”

McClendon says his actual students aren’t as out of hand as the ones he describes, thankfully. He asked that his school not be identified for security reasons, but said his principal was okay with filming the content in the classroom.

He said this newfound fame had opened him up to a lot more, like a flood of coffee date requests in his inbox.

After a day of teaching and filming his TikTok content, McClendon returns home and sets up two thrones, one for his cat and one for himself, working for a few hours alongside him playing video games on Twitch, where subscribers can donate directly to the streamer.

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