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Updated: October 05, 2022 05:10

One day, tech wizard Mikado Burchall noticed he had a lot of electronics in his home, such as security cameras, light switches, and storm shutters, but none of them was talking to himself.

If he wanted to control anything, he had to use a collection of remotes or handle things manually.

“I’m not very tall,” he said. “The smoke detector was high up, and when it accidentally went off, I had to pick up something and push it.”

So, the Smith’s resident created a platform to bring together all the smart devices in his home. The result was an app, Beach House Secure, and a new business, Beach House Tech, selling a wide variety of smart tech products.

Beach House Tech started out selling security cameras. He said: “I included energy-saving devices such as light switches and electronic locks. You can automate and schedule them. You can use the security kit’s motion sensor to turn off the lights when you leave the room in case you forget.

He now has a smart smoke detector. When it goes off by accident, it can mute the sound through the Beach House Secure app. If it goes off while he’s away, he gets an alert on his phone.

“I can turn on the cameras and look around the house to see what triggered the alarm,” he said.

Mr. Burchall said his products should be particularly appealing to people who run hotels or vacation rentals.

“Vacation rental owners can manage their properties from their phone or computer,” he said. “You can schedule people in and out and create dynamic passwords for people to check in and out.”

It has already installed some of its cameras at docks, social clubs and beaches.

And it is in talks with a nursing home that wants to upgrade its nurse call system.

“We now offer SOS buttons and fall detection monitoring,” he said. “If a patient wears monitors for blood oxygen levels or heart rate, we can integrate that information into one platform.”

Eventually, he would like to offer remote monitoring of cameras and equipment as a service, but is not there yet.

Mr. Burchall studied Power Engineering at Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

He started out with a more mechanical bent, but leaned more towards electronics, as that was how he saw the world.

“I like to make things work,” he said.

By day, he is a plant manager at Belco’s operations center.

“I work shifts,” he says. “Between shift changes I have three or four days off, which gives me time to do that on the side.”

Mr. Burchall said companies like Beach House Tech could boost Bermuda’s gross domestic product.

“We could be selling something other than rum and holidays,” he said. “We could actually market these products to other islands. They are pretty much in the same position as us. We could sell to them and bring money back to Bermuda.

He tries to lower his prices. For example, some of its security cameras cost $60 and its video doorbells start at $180.

Mr. Burchall is proud to have his Beach House Tech logo appear on his products.

“It wasn’t too difficult to get that there,” he said. “The hardest part was getting the chips I needed to integrate them into my ecosystem.”

The makers of his products wanted to make sure he was able to program the chips.

“I have a pretty good reputation with them now,” Mr Burchall said. “They’re giving me new products that they haven’t released, so we’re working together to make it all work.”

Mr. Burchall also owns another company called BerTrak Bermuda, offering radio frequency identification tag solutions for keeping tabs on motorcycles.

“I think I was the first in the world to create an RFID tracker that also has an alarm,” Burchall said.

He was inspired to create the tracker when the bike he was borrowing from his brother went missing right outside his house.

“It was quick,” he said. “I went down, I went in, I came back and it was gone. Someone must have followed me.

BerTrak now has 40 RFID tags in bicycles and other vehicles in Bermuda.


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