Multimedia personality delighted to visit Mpumalanga again

Thandy Matlaila is a multimedia personality most people have seen on the big screen, portraying various characters for some of the biggest TV production companies in the country.

The hyper and vibrant actress was in town for the third race of the SPAR Grand Prix Women’s 10km Challenge at Mbombela Stadium on Saturday July 16.
She is the official ambassador for this year’s races.

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“The race was amazing and I love the stories that most of the runners shared with me. Watching them push to get to the finish line is motivating. I realized that this race is personal to every woman. They are their own competition,” Matlaila said.

Some people may know her as Lindiwe Ngema on Tshisa, but she has developed her brand in the entertainment industry. “I wasn’t willing to just be an actress and wanted something game-changing when I came back. Cleo had the impact I was hoping for after the break when I had another character by Ntlakanipho on ring of lies,” she says.

Fast forward to this year. She embarked on a character named Blue, who is an exotic dancer on Lingashoni, airing on 1Magic. “This experience was great, but I had to learn a lot about pole dancing. It’s not like normal dancing, because it requires so much upper and core strength.

She shared that she was happy to be in the province and described it as her home away from home. “This is not the first time that I have come to the province. I enjoy most of my holidays at the exquisite Sudwala Lodge. One thing I haven’t done is travel and sightsee on the scenic route, and I need to do that before the end of the year,” she enthused.

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She was eager to share that her future plans might include coming to Mpumalanga to conduct her motivational talks for women. In the meantime, her message to women is to use the Z3 code, which she has implemented in her life.

“The Z3 code is ‘Zazi, Zithande, Zithembe’, which means ‘Know yourself, love yourself and trust yourself’. If you master this code, you will overcome everything from social media norms to peer pressure to toxic relationships. If you can trust your decisions, then you will conquer the world,” she said.

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