Mystery Google device emerges in new FCC filing – but what could it be?

Google has filed an application with the FCC for a mysterious new “wireless device” – suggesting a never-before-seen smart home product could be on the horizon.

As first spotted by Droidlife (opens in a new tab)the deposit (opens in a new tab) refers to an “engineering sample” (under model number G28DR) that supports WiFi and Bluetooth functionality. It also features an image detailing a rectangular-shaped product which, according to an attached description, is powered by a connected source or battery.

Droidlife suggests the product in question could be a new entry in Google’s ever-expanding Nest lineup – which currently consists of speakers, smart displays, doorbells, security cameras and thermostats – and given from its presumed shape, the mysterious device certainly fits this mould.

You can view the granular details of the repository via the image below:

FCC Description of Product G28DR

FCC Description of Product G28DR (Image credit: Federal Communications Commission (FCC))

As Droidlife notes, it’s possible the device is screenless – a theory supported by its speaker-like shape – further suggesting it could be a new addition to the smart home range. from Google.

Beyond that, however, your guess is as good as ours. An elaborate alarm clock? A fully inflated thermostat?

Analysis: The power of things

One detail is close to our hearts and perhaps offers a clue to the type of device we’re looking at here.

Most smart home gadgets are AC powered, which means they plug into your wall. A handful of outdoor smart security cameras support either DC or battery operation. There’s no indication here, however, of a camera, let alone a display.

The combination of battery operation and Bluetooth points to any portable device. Maybe even an outdoor, weatherproof Google Nest Audio device. However, without mention of speakers or audio output, that seems unlikely.

With all these antennas, including the PIFA (Planar Inverted-F Antenna), which is usually used in mobile devices, it may be an outdoor WiFi extender, designed to work with the WiFi mesh network system from Google.

This is of course only speculation. These specifications could be part of a larger Google device, announced at the moment.

Either way, we’ll be keeping an eye on this mysterious new model throughout the development process.

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