Neeteesh Gaharwar and Naveen Prasad

AGW Bharat is another awesome startup founded by Neeteesh Gaharwar and Naveen Prasad which is a youth-focused news portal

The growth and development of a country depends on its economic development and its GDP. Startups not only generate new wealth, but also tap into the less developed part of the market. They provide opportunities for employment and advancement in the lives of society as a whole. In 2019, many start-ups failed due to the pandemic, but agile and diligent entrepreneurs managed to overcome obstacles and pivot their businesses. These entrepreneurs have completely changed their business models to meet the needs of the pandemic and thus reestablish their footing in the market.

AGW Bharat is another awesome startup founded by Neeteesh Gaharwar and Naveen Prasad which is a youth-focused news portal. The objective of this information portal is to highlight the problems facing the popular masses and to amplify their voice. They met in 2019 in Noida and started their journey towards their goal.

Naveen was born on January 11, 2002 in Kolkata – City of Joy, West Bengal, India. He had completed his tenth standard at the age of 15 and after that he studied at an open school so he could pursue journalism. Apart from journalism, he has a background in web design and blog writing, which gives him an added edge. In his professional life, he always receives a warm welcome because of his humility and dedication.

Neeteesh Gaharwar was born on February 10, 1995 in Garhi, Rewa Madhya Pradesh. Neeteesh wanted to be a filmmaker so he moved to Mumbai. Inflation and the breadth of livelihood made him a journalist as he had good writing skills which turned into a passion for journalism.

The duo traveled across India to gather facts and information regarding the needs of the masses. They discovered gaps in the market and made it their goal to advance the oppressed.

AGW Universe is another great idea from AGW Media Networks which is a short video app. The app would be used to reach people and find out about their issues. The fact that almost everyone owns smartphones in this digital age can be used to target specific issues and use digitization for the greater good of the country.

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