Personalized quick phrases on the Nest Hub Max might be the most natural way to interact with your smart home yet

Support for defining your own quick phrases could mean more “Hey Google”

Google Assistant is an incredibly powerful tool for doing a lot of things, and for many of us, a big part of that is controlling our smart homes. Whether we’re turning on lights, starting appliances, or triggering routines, it’s incredibly impressive that all of these features are just a voice command away. With quick phrases, Google has made these interactions even more natural, eliminating the need for a formal “Hey Google” to get started. Now, some features being developed for the Nest Hub Max could significantly expand what the Assistant’s Quick Phrases are capable of accomplishing.


We just saw the debut of Assistant Quick Phrase support for the Nest Hub Max earlier this month, but 9to5Google has already discovered evidence in software showing that it is possible for users to create their own personalized quick phrases. Although not functional yet, the site was able to enable the UI to add a sentence, which clearly indicates that we will likely face some degree of restriction in the words or sentence length we can choose – although we don’t yet know exactly how.

It would make sense that, in the absence of an explicit “Hey Google” trigger, a successful custom quick phrase should be suitably distinct from similar phrases, let alone existing Assistant commands. The wording we see here suggests that Google will attempt to guide users to better alternatives if their preferred phasing proves problematic.

This language also makes it clear how all of this isn’t being read in prime time right now, and the “salsa” Google mentioned is apparently its internal nomenclature for a quick phrase task. As of now, it’s unclear how far this might be from becoming public, assuming it ever does.

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