PHOTOS: Orphan cubs freed at Pikes Peak | Multimedia

Left to right, Erika Furnes, Animal Caretaker at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Cassidy English, District Wildlife Manager with Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Rebecca Zwicker, Animal Care Manager at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and Ron Sanchez , a volunteer with CPW, move a tranquilized black bear cub into a man-made den built by Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers at Pikes Peak Friday, Jan. 28, 2022. The two male cubs were orphaned last July after their mother was shot and killed south of Woodland Park. The cubs were rehabilitated at Wet Mountain Wildlife Rehabilitation in Wetmore and were ready to be released into the wild on Friday, where they will end their hibernation inside the den and emerge in the spring. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has partnered with Colorado Parks and Wildlife to fund GPS ear tags for cubs. Tracking devices will provide insight into bear behavior once they leave the den for the season. Zwicker hopes the new GPS tracking will help fill in the gaps of missing information once the bears leave their dens. “We will be able to put more pieces of the puzzle together to keep the bears safe and help them successfully reintroduce themselves into the wild.” (Chancey Bush/The Gazette)

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