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When ROLA started developing their Web3 project, the first thing the team wanted to tackle was to create a platform that was not only community-driven, but also “community-centric”. The result of their efforts will soon go live as the app, the first community of crypto enthusiasts who can earn rewards for making market predictions.

Rosalind Lee, Chief Product Officer at ROLA, says, “ROLA is about building a nurturing community that is truly ‘WAGMI’. We are in it together and we are all getting better together.

Rosalind Lee, Product Manager of ROLA

ROLA – which stands for Reiterative Open Learning Algorithm – is built around a marvelous AI designed to update users, absorb their signals and reward them in turn. It is also the first AI-powered crypto community platform that aims to create a robust social ecosystem including all features of Metaverse, such as Game-Fi and NFT, that will connect and empower the community. The app thus transcends conventional measures of limiting itself to profit and instead strives to connect socially – here crypto traders, investors and fans can come together and form channels to discuss, share and learn.

ROLA includes many different features under the hood. Its main draw is the Predict2Earn algo which distributes native $ROLA tokens to users who make accurate predictions for Bitcoin and Ethereum, and NFT rewards for predictions made for other tokens. Once earned, $ROLA tokens can be used to buy NFTs and participate in staking games that will begin soon this year.

Technically, there are two layers in the Meta AI engine – the first, the base layer, continuously updates and improves to make better predictions, and the second layer is the one that listens to the generated signals by the user and predictions and translates them into information for the base layer. In this feedback loop, the AI ​​algorithm continues to evolve and gain strength, delivering better insights to the community.

How does the Predict2Earn feature actually work? The ROLA app sends AI-powered signals for up to 120 crypto trading pairs (more pairs will be added in the future). The real-time feed on crypto pairs keeps the ROLA community up to date. The market is divided into 8-hour sessions, and users vote on whether the session will end on a green or red candle! Rewards are calculated based on participation metrics and number of users. All users additionally receive Rolagram NFTs.

“Using the reiterative learning algorithm and Web 3.0, our AI evolves with the collective wisdom of the ‘Rolarian’ community,” says Rosalind.

Members of the ROLA community go beyond profits and can enjoy and challenge other “Rolarians”, the entire ROLA family, in meme wars and other games. Sound fun to you? There is more to this. The social media-fi app allows users to browse popular crypto trends. ROLA will introduce a subscription-based service through which community members will also be able to obtain in-depth insights from seasoned cryptocurrency analysts and traders. Users can also create public discussion forums. For example, if there is a major market spike or decline in BTC or Ether, specific channels can be created to share views and ideas with other users.

It was only recently that ROLA announced its first NFT collection titled ROLAGRAM. Every asset in this collection can be minted by users every month. Each new item will be based on previous user activity over the past month, such as their comments and voting history. This means that each NFT will be as unique as the user who receives it.

Another exciting community feature is the ROLAVERSE. It is a social ecosystem with all the features of Metaverse (Game-Fi, NFT), and is not limited to revenue and profit. It’s an authentic, decentralized experience missing elsewhere, where users log in and play games, and stake $ROLA tokens in the special ROLA-Coaster game and even create their own custom NFTs.

Rosalind Lee recently discussed how unique ROLA is in its focus on teams and communities, and what the Cryptoverse will look like in the near future.

When asked how the idea for ROLA came about, Rosalind said, “It was a combination of WAGMI and AI. We admire anime, where the protagonists work together as an “us” and achieve their goals against the odds. Also in the crypto community, the values ​​of teamwork and cohesion are important. ROLA is our effort to create a single platform for the crypto community. ROLA represents the wisdom of the crowd. The crypto community on Twitter inspired us a lot, and we thought these user inputs could be aggregated and translated into something useful. The fruits thus obtained could then be distributed throughout the community.

On where the crypto industry is headed and what it needs, Rosalind says, “Right now there is a lot of speculation fueling the world of Web3.0, De-Fi and crypto in general. I believe the potential and use of these breakthrough technologies does not and should not stop there. We hope that, unlike in the past, when a few lucky individuals and groups with privileged access to technology got it all, things will improve. Financial literacy and public education will be important for this change to happen.

Since its inception, the crypto industry has been driven by the power of its communities and the predictions participants make in the markets. As such, it is important that the members of this community can find each other and learn from each other’s predictions. This is what ROLA is trying to achieve.

To conclude, ROLA is a next-generation social platform that uses AI to provide signals on a wide range of crypto pairs to users, and in return improves its learning from user feedback and votes received. Besides that, it offers playful predictions on future price movements for major cryptocurrencies. By providing both space for community engagement and tangible rewards for that engagement, it ensures that the crypto community continues to thrive with its own vibrant movement.


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