Realme DIZO Star 300 and Star 500 phones launched in India


In addition to the launch of new personal care products, Realme recently launched two new audio products under its sub-brand DIZO. And today, the Chinese giant launched two multifunction phones, the Star 300 and the Star 500, under its sub-brand DIZO to meet the needs of the country’s low-income population.

So before we get into pricing and availability, here’s a quick rundown of the key specs and features of the new DIZO Star phones.

Launch of DIZO Star phones in India

Now, it’s worth mentioning that these are the same phones we spotted on FCC records a few weeks ago. Thus, these two devices come with 2G support, T9 keyboards and removable batteries.

DIZO Star 500

Starting with the top-of-the-line DIZO Star 500, the device has a large 2.8-inch display. At first glance, Star 500 comes with a metal construction and packs a 1900mAh battery. There is 32MB of internal storage for storing contacts, photos, and music, and the device supports 5 languages ​​including English, Tamil, Gujrati, Hindi, and Telegu. Regarding the optics, the device has a 0.3MP camera In back.

Launch of the DIZO Star series in India

There is also a micro-USB port at the bottom for charging and data transfer, which sits next to the 3.5mm audio jack. Other features of the DIZO Star 500 include Bluetooth support, sound recording and alarm. It even has a torch at the top and comes in three color variations – black, silver, and green.

DIZO Star 300

Coming to the low-end DIZO Star 300, the device has a smaller 1.77-inch screen and a larger 2,550mAh battery than its older brother. It also comes with 32MB of internal storage and supports 8 languages ​​which is more than the high end Star 500. This includes additional languages ​​like Bengali, Punjabi, and Kannada.

Launch of the DIZO Star series in India

The device also packs a 0.3 MP VGA camera on the back and comes in two colorways: black and blue.

Pricing and availability

As for the price, both devices cost less than 2,000 rupees. The high-end DIZO Star 500 is priced at Rs 1,799, while the low-end Star 300 is priced at Rs 1,299. They will soon be available for purchase in Flipkart stores and offline.

Now, in my opinion, DIZO Star cell phone series will be an intriguing option for low income customers in India. However, the fact that these are 2G compatible devices leads me to believe that the devices would not support Jio SIM cards. Thus, customers will not be able to take advantage of Jio’s various low cost network plans.

Additionally, as companies like Jio try to put 4G services in the hands of low-income groups in India, especially with the recent announcement of the JioPhone Next phone, 2G DIZO phones just seem obsolete. What do you think of these multifunction phones? Let us know in the comments below.

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