Rezon Halos headband review: A smart, comfortable device that reduces the risk of head trauma

The long and short term effects of traumatic brain injury are becoming more of a topic of discussion in sports every week. While life-threatening head injuries – such as those suffered by former Chelsea goalkeeper or Spurs midfielder Ryan Mason – have always been a concern, the longer-term impacts of traumatic brain injury average game to game are starting to be taken more seriously.

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Colliding with heads, being punched aggressively or even just heading a soccer ball can cause minor head trauma, and over the years it can add up, with potentially devastating consequences.

While Premier League clubs have doctors and specialists to help players recover from head injuries, fans don’t have that luxury – and anyone who’s played a Sunday League match knows that can be a lot harder than professional football. In fact, research has shown that 66% of adult fans are concerned about the effect of the ballhead on their long-term health.

A range of helmets and skull guards have been developed to help those who have suffered serious head trauma in the past, but what about preventing the problem at the source? This is where the Rezon Halos device aims to play a part. The Halos headband is designed to reduce the risk of concussion, by minimizing rotational forces to the brain after an impact.

The headband features nine unique individual layers of protection that collectively reduce the transmission of rotational forces to the brain. Always looking to try out the latest football gadgets for our readers, TFF took the device to a training session at an amateur club.

Naturally, TFF weren’t willing to intentionally challenge each other to test a product, but were pleasantly surprised that it was comfortable and unrestricted throughout the session. Teammates asked what we had on our heads – given that the device is larger and more padded than a sweatband – but were unanimously impressed upon hearing its aim. So he went the ‘WTF is that thing?!’ test with flying colors, which is always good to know.

It was comfortable, it has not changed TFF (Admittedly temperamental!) Accuracy or heading power and didn’t start slipping when it got sweaty, thanks to the textured grip points on the inside of the band.

If it prevents head injuries as it describes – and lab tests have already shown that Halos reduces the impact of rotational force by 61% – it could be a game-changer for those worried about the risk of injury. cerebral. Many football players tend to worry about how they look and what they wear during games and for this reason we can’t really fault the headband. Yes, it’s cumbersome, but you quickly forget it’s there.

It’s long overdue for football to think about how to avoid long-term brain damage, and products like this could have a huge impact on the health of footballers around the world.

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