Roger Stone claims he was ‘censored’ on Trump’s social truth

It’s been a month and a half since Truth Social, Donald Trump’s attempted Twitter clone, had its soft open, and it’s not going well. It may be a late bloomer. Or maybe it’ll just join the long, long list of failed Trump products, like Trump Steak, Trump Shuttle, Trump University, Trump’s Tour, and his failed presidential re-election in 2020. Even Trump himself doesn’t use it. not a lot. But at least one person who has complaints.

That person is Roger Stone, the longtime Republican operative who dresses like a villain from the ’60s Batman TV show. The daily beast, Stone thought he might use the so-called free speech service to drop the occasional Islamophobic message. “Trump also warns of a growing threat of terrorism by a radical Islamic admixture in the planned 9/11 attack,” Stone wrote, along with a photo of a former Trump campaign button.

Alas, Stone’s post ended up being flagged as ‘sensitive content’, warning users that it ‘may not be suitable for all audiences’ and forcing them to click a button to see Stone’s supposedly inflammatory post. Stone.

In a follow-up post, which featured the same image, Stone wrote, “Why would this be censored content on TruthSocial?”

Truth Social allegedly used artificial intelligence censors to flag the content. Indeed, despite claims that this is a service for those who love unfettered freedom of speech, there are many rules, among which users cannot post messages critical of of Trump.

As for Stone, this isn’t the first time he’s gotten into trouble on far-right social media services. Last August, he was temporarily kicked out of Gettr, which honcho Jason Miller says was a mistake because they were wiping out multiple Stone copy accounts. Stone, however, initially blamed it on his ongoing feud with fellow right-wing whisperer Steve Bannon. But hey, at least someone is using Truth Social.

(Via The daily beast)

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