Sacramento County Supervisor Tried to Organize ‘Freedom Convoy’ COVID Protest in Northern California – CBS Sacramento

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento County Supervisor Sue Frost has offered marketing advice and online support to a group called Freedom Fighters, which has ties to extremist groups, as part of plans for a “ freedom convoy” in the Sacramento area.

The support was revealed in screenshots shared on Twitter, taken from the social media app Telegram. The positions, confirmed to CBS13 by Frost’s chief of staff on Wednesday as belonging to the Sacramento County Supervisor.

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The trucker convoy discussed online by the county supervisor is a spinoff of the trucker “freedom convoy” in Ottawa that began as a protest against vaccination mandates for truckers who crossed the Canada-US border. It turned into opposition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government and pandemic restrictions.

The initial protest is in its third week in Canada’s capital, Ottawa, where hundreds of protesters continue to use their trucks to block roads, honk horns and disrupt traffic and trade routes.

Screenshots show Frost joined a group called ‘The People’s Convoy – California support’ and shared her post as a supervisor, described herself as a ‘freedom fighter’ and wrote, ‘Maybe I can help”. The messages, undated, continue with Frost writing that she is trying to “figure out how I can donate to the convoy and also how I can find out.”

The messages imply that Frost was invited to the region-specific chat on Telegram by Gabrielle Ingram, with an account linked to the Freedom Angels in Sacramento County. In another set of screenshots, Frost asked the group if there was a logo or marketing plan for the protest. She wrote: “Sorry, I’ve been in marketing all my life and I think branding is good.”

Other screenshots reveal that Frost was in contact with Denise Aguilar, the founder of an anti-vax moms group called “Mamalitia.” The founder is from Stockton. Their website shows that they are pro-guns and anti-vaccines. In 2019, the group called themselves “The Freedom Angels” and were seen at the California State Capitol trying to block student vaccinations.

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The posts continue with Frost sharing information about supply chain shortages that she does not link to the planned protest in the same group.

In a statement to CBS13, Frost said:

“I support ending COVID-19 restrictions and getting back to normal so that our businesses can thrive and children can go to school without having to wear masks. But I absolutely denounce any group of violent extremists and I want no association with them.

CBS13 asked Frost for comment on the negative impacts the protest would have on local businesses, she wrote:

“I have absolutely no desire to see local businesses harmed in any way. I just want our government to be more aware that citizens want to end COVID restrictions and they want things back to normal.

CBS13 reached out to the other four Sacramento County supervisors. Two were in a meeting, one did not respond, and Supervisor Patrick Kennedy, District 2, Chief of Staff issued a statement to CBS13.

“Supervisor Kennedy would certainly be opposed to a convoy like this which would negatively affect businesses already battling COVID, supply chain issues and other challenges. He is happy to hear that it has been cancelled.

The busiest border crossing between the United States and Canada was opened on Monday after protesters against COVID-19 measures blocked it for nearly a week, but a larger protest in the capital, Ottawa, persisted as townspeople seetheed over authorities’ failure to reclaim the streets.

Demonstrations against COVID-19[female[feminine restrictions and other issues have blocked several crossings along the Canada-US border and hurt the economies of both countries. They also inspired similar convoys in France, New Zealand and the Netherlands. The US Department of Homeland Security has warned that truck convoys could be in preparation in the United States.

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The convoy discussed by Frost has been canceled, according to his chief of staff.

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