Samsung Patent Describes Rollable Smart Watch Equipped With Camera

Samsung has filed a patent for a smartwatch with a roll-up screen and an integrated camera.

LetsGoDigital reports that Samsung filed the patent with the World Intellectual Property Office on June 2; it was released to the public on December 9.

An electronic apparatus comprising: a screen; a screen moving unit which controls the screen to change the size of the display area which is visible outside the electronic apparatus; and a processor “, Samsung said. “The display can be enlarged by being extended from the central part of the screen and can be reduced by being rolled up towards the central part. “

The illustrations accompanying the patent show a seemingly typical smartwatch with a circular display, much like Samsung’s existing Galaxy Watch line, which can be used to check the time or display upcoming appointments. However, when the crown of the watch is pushed in, the display can be enlarged to an oval shape which is said to provide a 40% increase in screen size.

The watch described in the patent also has an integrated camera in the center of the screen. LetsGoDigital says Samsung also believes the watch may contain multiple optical sensors as well as a built-in flash. (No one wants to face the red-eye in the pictures they take with their smartwatches.) But the main focus of the patent is on the mechanics of the roll-up display.

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The roll-up screen and built-in camera are said to be new additions to future smartwatches. That doesn’t necessarily mean they would arrive without warning – Samsung has been experimenting with flexible displays with built-in cameras for some time. The company would essentially bring these features from its smartphones to its smartwatches.

The features would help answer the same question on both devices: How can Samsung simultaneously maximize a device’s screen area and minimize its overall size? So far, it seems the company has made up its mind to switch to flexible screens and find new places to house the cameras. Assuming, of course, that this patented gadget one day becomes a genuine product.

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