Save up to $ 700 on the stylish Samsung Frame smart TV today only


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With Christmas now just a few days away, there are plenty of companies with last minute vacation deals right under the wire. Throughout the week, Samsung is rolling out a new flash offer every day on some of its most popular products, and is now realizing big savings on its state-of-the-art smart TV The Frame. Sizes range from a modest 32-inch up to a massive 75-inch model, with a wide range of discounts to match. Today alone you can get up to $ 700 off one of these beautiful and stylish 4K TVs. This offer is only valid until the end of the day, so if you want one, be sure to put yours on sale while you can.

As a TV, The Frame has some pretty impressive specs. It features a dazzling 4K ultra-high definition image, enhanced by AI scaling, which helps reduce image noise, increase detail, and sharpen the edges of objects. It also features QLEDs for extra vivid color and 16-bit color mapping with increased contrast and crystal-clear details. While The Frame is a cutting-edge smart TV, it’s also much more than that. With its clean design and chic bezel frame, which comes in a multitude of colors, it also acts as a subtle piece of modern-looking decor. When not in use, it switches to Art mode, displaying artwork in the same stunning resolution, so the TV blends in perfectly with a photo frame. You can either upload your own photos and artwork, or choose from the wide selection at Samsung’s art store. It also includes built-in motion sensors and turns off when no one is home.

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