Snapchat integrates with BigCommerce to facilitate more in-app shopping options

Snapchat has announced the next step in its drive to integrate seamless shopping elements, via a new integration with BigCommerce that will allow BigCommerce merchants to display their products in Snaps.

As you can see in this example, BigCommerce merchants will now be able to integrate their product views into Snap, providing direct connection and potential exposure to Snap’s audience of 363 million mostly younger users.

According to BigCommerce:

BigCommerce merchants of all sizes in the US can now directly integrate their store as a one-stop-shop to sync product catalogs and create immersive Snapchat ad campaigns to expand customer reach, open up new revenue streams, and ultimately make take their business to the next level.

The integration will also allow BigCommerce merchants to track and measure the performance of Snap campaigns through the use of Snap Pixel, providing direct response data on Snapchat channel insights.

Like all social platforms, Snapchat has been working to incorporate more direct commerce elements, to drive new user behaviors and create new revenue streams. Snap has also been working on creating digital clothing options for its Bitmoji characters, in a bid to make trading avatars a bigger thing.

In combination, the ultimate goal is to have both digital and real-life versions of every item available in the app, giving users the ability to replicate their real-life fashion preferences in virtual form.

And if the metaverse becomes a bigger thing, and we do indeed interact more often through avatars, that could form a key bridge in connecting people to their characters in real life.

BigCommerce users in the US can now automatically sync their BigCommerce product catalog with Snapchat through the BigCommerce dashboard. The option will be expanded more markets next year.

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