State Police complete implementation of body camera program for all soldiers

Ushering in a new era of transparency, state police said on Thursday the agency had “marked a milestone” in completing the implementation of its body camera program for the 2,215 sworn soldiers.

The agency marked this milestone in a press release.

“Our camera program helps accurately document soldiers’ interactions with suspects, victims and members of the public,” State Police Col. Christopher Mason said in the statement. “This is essential for gathering evidence in criminal cases as well as for commemorating the nature of interactions between soldiers and the public. Body camera video also provides a valuable training tool for recruits and existing officers.

State Police said the body camera program was part of a list of reforms first introduced in 2018 following a huge overtime scandal.

Body-worn cameras, the statement said, have been assigned to each soldier, and agency policy governs the use and criteria for activating the devices. Additionally, the agency has almost completed implementation of its cruise camera program, the statement said.

As of this week, the statement said, cameras have been installed in around 800 state police police cars, and 200 more are expected to be fitted with “cruiser-mounted cameras.”

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