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A little insight into what a day can be like for student babysitter Kayla Allen (first year nurse, San Joaquin College)

Kayla Allen is a First year nursing student at college in San Joaquin and a primary caregiver for the disabled in her family. Kayla and her family take in disabled children from the host family system for years to hopes to give them not only a better life through emotional care, but also medical care.

Being a guard is what made me choose feeding with milk school first. This is all I have known for 10 years and what better way to improve their care as well than to have a qualified nurse in the house. ”Kayla smiled.

According to a article from AARP, “Seven in ten student caregivers said their caregiving duties impacted their ability to manage their school commitments. “ Kayla was Seven of these 10 student caregivers.

“I’m not going to lie; it was not easy to be a caregiver when I was in high school because my schedule was less easy to manage since I had to be in school for a while. strict together number hours everyday. Kayla explains.

Now in nursing school, Kayla saYes there were days when the stress of being a First year pandemic nursing student up to take care of 2 dayschildren with disabilities really took a toll on his mental health.

Sure, I had a more flexible schedule than before but being in a new fast environment academically forced me to re-assess if I could really Juggle the two responsibilities. ” noted Kayla thinking about the start of her freshman year at nursing school.

Kayla is not alone in this type of lifestyle. Three in 10 students are either the parent of a minor child, the caregiver of an adult, or both according to a Jan. 29e, 2021 article from .

Kayla finishes, “Am I stressed out? Yes. Am I tired? Always. Do I regret having taken on these two responsibilities? Absolutely not. See them smile at me for doing the the simplest things on a day when I just wanna cry is what keeps me going not only direction I want for my future, but their future too.

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