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Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup is presented on their first day of sale in New York on Friday, September 24, 2021. From left to right: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. . (AP Photo / Richard Drew)

So you have a new iPhone 13, maybe a gift from a family member, or you bought one for yourself. Depending on how much time has passed since purchasing a new iPhone, you may find yourself struggling with swipes and taps that don’t behave the way you expected. Apple appears to be working on the “Easter egg” strategy, hiding its features for users to find out for themselves, which can be delicious or just plain frustrating.

If you’re used to swiping up from the bottom of your screen to access the control panel to turn on the built-in flashlight, all you’ll get is a slight zoom out effect when you try it on the screen. ‘iPhone 13, which isn’t nice when you’re stuck in the dark. Instead, swipe diagonally from the top right corner to see the control panel. This is just one example of something you will need to unlearn and then relearn with your new phone.

I struggled with the size and weight of the phone – needed to accommodate the camera system – as well as the extremely large side buttons compared to my old iPhone. I dialed 911 several times inadvertently pressing both side buttons at the same time. Glad to say the emergency dispatcher was very understanding the one time I didn’t cancel the call before it went through. I practice holding the phone closer to the bottom of the device, but the combination of a big phone, huge buttons, and a tiny hand makes this tricky. If you haven’t bought the phone yet, I recommend trying out the different models in your hand, as you might find that the more sophisticated camera on the Pro and Pro Max models isn’t worth the physical effort.

But there are some new features that will make you happy to own a new iPhone 13. Here we will talk about some of the more convenient upgrades and some practical things you can do with your phone.

The battery life of the 13 series is about two hours longer than that of the 12 models and significantly longer than that of older devices. You can probably go a full day or more without charging your phone. However, getting a full charge will take just as long on the 13s as it will on previous models.

You can check your iPhone’s warranty right in your phone’s settings. If you’re not sure what protection you have, now is a good time to check it out before something goes wrong. In Settings, tap General and About. If you have AppleCare +, you’ll see it listed, and if not, you’ll see the limited warranty. When Apple says “limited,” it means extremely limited, covering the physical device against defects in materials for one year from purchase. The addition of AppleCare + for theft and loss covers up to two incidents of accidental damage each year. Apple will also send you a replacement device so you don’t have to wait for a repair. Deductibles apply, but they’re much lower than paying for a new phone.

If you use a lot of apps and find yourself scrolling through Home screen pages, you can easily rearrange those pages. Tap any blank space on your screen until the icons start to shake. Tap the three dot menu at the bottom and it will show your screens in a grid view. Now just drag to rearrange. If you want to delete an entire page, tap the check mark under the screen you want to delete and then tap the minus icon. To create a new folder, press for jiggle mode, then drag an icon on top of another in a stack. You can rename the new folder by tapping on it, then tapping on the title box and typing a new name.

As mentioned above, the cameras of the iPhone 13s have been improved especially for low light conditions thanks to the wide and ultra wide cameras. (The Pro and Pro Max also have a telephoto lens that offers 3x optical zoom.) I have now become the photographer of choice at family gatherings because “You have the best phone, Mom.” To open the Camera app without unlocking your iPhone, swipe left on the lock screen.

Although the phone does not come with a manual in the box, you can find the iPhone user guide at You will discover all kinds of useful information rather than hoping to stumble upon it.

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