The 6 best smart tech gifts of 2021 for the tech guru with everything

Holiday shopping can be overwhelming for many people. You might have dozens of people to buy gifts for, depending on their gender and age. It’s not a walk in the park shopping for gifts for family or friends, but it’s gift season after all.

If you have a tech guru in your life who already has a lot of items, you’re in luck. While there are plenty of options to choose from, we’ve compiled a list of some lesser-known smart tech that your loved one may not yet have.

These are the perfect gift giving occasions, and with the holidays quickly approaching, now is a great time to shop for them.

GE Full Color Smart LED Bulb

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GE is a well-known energy supplier and the company also offers a line of lighting products that impresses customers. the CYNC Full Color Smart Bulbs let you have full control, program the lights to turn on and off, and even control the bulb with your voice.

Owners of these bulbs can choose from millions of colors, adjust the white color tone from warm to cold, and adjust the light to suit your sleep / wake cycle. Your room can really be transformed by using these bulbs when mixing and matching colors and fashions.

Click and Grow Smart Garden

click grow under 100 smart gardening kit gift guide
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the Click and grow Smart Garden 3 makes growing fruits, vegetables, and other items as easy as brewing a cup of coffee in the morning. It uses biodegradable, disposable plant pods that are pre-seeded, so you just have to place them and watch them grow.

Because it’s an indoor garden, you can grow whatever you want all year round. It is available in multiple colors, such as white, gray, beige, and an illustrated color. Click and Grow also has a germination guarantee, so if any issues arise when trying to grow your plants, the company will replace them for free.

WaterGuru Sense Smart Pool Monitor

the WaterGuru Sense is a smart pool monitor that makes medium maintenance easy. It measures chlorine and pH readings, not just at the surface.

Installation only takes a few minutes and comes with a smartphone app that users can refer to to determine if they need to add more chemicals to maintain their pool. The monitor is battery powered and replaces your skimmer cover.

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt
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Schlage is a popular lock company and offers a line of products that will fit into any smart home. If your friend or family member already has smart devices in their home, this lock is perfect for protecting their home from intruders.

the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt makes getting inside so much easier than fumbling around with a set of keys. Users can even unlock the door from their smartphone. Keyless entry is convenient and secure.

YogiFi smart yoga mat

If you’re looking for a tech gift with a fitness twist, look no further. the YogiFi smart yoga mat allows users to track their performance, see personalized feedback, and integrate a virtual yoga instructor into each session.

The mat is lightweight, so it can be taken on the go. Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities are great for tech gurus. Additionally, users can download a smartphone app to learn more about their yoga practice.

LG Portable Full HD Smart LED Projector

LG has a hand in consumer electronics and has a Full HD LED smart projector that can turn any room into a home theater. the LG PF50KA has a built-in battery and Full HD resolution for the ultimate viewing experience.

Smart tech gifts for under the tree

We are well into the holiday season, so now is a good time to consider finishing up shopping for gifts for your closest friends and family. Tech gurus who already have a lot to enjoy may not have some of the above. Consider purchasing one or more to end 2021 in style.

Are you looking for gift ideas for the holiday season? Be sure to check out our KnowTechie 2021 Holiday Gift Guide and In-Game Gift Guide. Holiday shopping isn’t easy; let our gift guides guide you on your way.

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