The smart gadget prevents your devices from charging to death

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We know you hate it when you wake up in the morning and your phone feels hot from last night’s charging session (especially in the summer). We also hate that you miss calls or flights when your phone dies because the battery doesn’t last like it used to.

You can easily end this mess with charged, introduced by a guy who, on an autumn afternoon, said: “That’s it!” after nearly missing his flight home due to a dead phone battery. Ovidiu SandruThe device now has more than 25,000 customers worldwide and has been protecting phone batteries since May 2019.

Chargie keeps phone batteries from aging

Chargie extends the life of your iPhone battery.
Photo: Chargie

If you know anything about electric cars, you’ve probably heard that keeping their batteries at 100% overnight dramatically reduces their lifespan. That’s why Tesla cars avoid 100% charging by default. The cars say they are fully charged, but they are not.

Chargie is basically a gem of a gadget that controls your iPhone’s battery charge level, to dramatically extend its lifespan.

How can I plug it in?

Chargie sits right between your phone’s charger and the USB cord that connects to your iPhone or iPad. You don’t have to worry about complex wiring operations – everything is very simple. Chargie is travel size and can go anywhere.

What about Apple’s Optimized Charging in iOS?

Any iPhone or iPad running iOS 13 or later already has built-in software to optimize charging.

While Apple’s Optimized Charging works in ideal situations, it still charges your battery to 100%, which isn’t great. Additionally, it causes your iPhone or iPad to wait at 80%, which is still a very charged state, before recharging it.

The biggest issue is that optimized charging doesn’t always work. You need to have a very fixed schedule for optimized charging to work properly. And in Chargie’s experience and experiences, optimized charging rarely does what it says.

On the other hand, Chargie offers manual/semi-automatic control over how and when the battery charges. You can keep the level overnight at 50% and only top it up to a much healthier 90% in the morning. And with Chargie, you can be sure it will happen every night.

At first, when Apple announced Optimized Charging, Chargie makers feared the software would kill their device. But exactly the opposite happened. iPhone owners have become more aware of the battery degradation phenomenon. And, as iPhones get more expensive, many want the best solution for their phones – Chargie.

Overnight charging at its best

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Chargie is a smart gadget that will extend the battery life of your rechargeable devices.
Photo: Chargie

With its own app and Bluetooth connection, Chargie lets you take control of the overnight charging process, giving you the ability to set the battery charge level you want (ideally 80%).

The fun and exciting part about this type of charging is that the battery will only reach the desired level when you wake up (you tell the app when it does). This way your phone won’t stay at damaging charge levels or heat up overnight. Then you’ll have peace of mind in the morning, with your iPhone ready to go, like nothing special happened.

That means more missed alarms – and more stress on your phone’s battery life. Chargie takes care of everything automatically.

Can I protect my other battery-powered gadgets with it?

The short answer is yes. Chargie can be used to protect Apple Watches, AirPods, headphones, and many other battery-powered devices.

The Chargie app has an external battery profiling feature that measures charging power throughout the charging cycle. You can then select a power threshold at which the Chargie device, regardless of its app, will automatically cut off power going to your battery.

It will also wait for a configurable amount of time until it powers back up to take new measurements. This way your battery will charge to about 90% and also have the option to discharge for a while. You will eventually forget it.

Where can you get it from?

You can order Chargie online at a fair price, starting at $34.99 for Chargie A Gold Edition. For just $1 more you can get the new Base C load, which limits the power coming out of your charger to just 8W. This slows down the charging process by about 20%, but it’s much better for your battery. There will also be a C charge for laptops in the very near future.

Use promo code cultofmac22 for a generous 10% off the tag price (for a limited time only, so hurry!). Learn more on Chargie’s official website.

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