“There was a cabal” – MzGee explains why she quit Multimedia

Animation on Friday, December 10, 2021

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A popular entertainment presenter, MzGee recounted the circumstances under which she resigned from the Multimedia Group of Companies.

According to MzGee, who took on the role of entertainment reporter in the media company, the envy and hatred of some of her colleagues has grown to the point that life has become unbearable for her.

MzGee said she fought an entire cabal during her time at Multimedia.

While she didn’t mention all of their names, MzGee cited JoyNews host Doreen Avio as one of the people who objected to her progress.

She said Doreen finally apologized to her after a series of sober thoughts.

“If only people believed in times and seasons, people would learn to treat others. They will wait for their glory to come. When you meet people at work and they are more flourishing than you think, it is good that you also sing their praises so that God opens doors for you as well. They felt like I was a newbie, they felt like I was coming to meet them in the company, so there was no way they would allow me to flourish. It was a cabal. It’s not just a person, ”she said in an interview with Delay.

“People had problems with me. I abandoned a lot of people after I left. The beauty about it is that after a while we all had some thoughts and they approached me. Doreen approached me and apologized. She is not the only one, there were many of them. But Doreen is the only one who has come out to apologize to me so far. She told my friend Kwame B and they all came, ”MzGee added.

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