Trump’s Truth Social makes saddest announcement ever

Truth Social, the social media network donald trump launched after being launched from Twitter, hasn’t exactly been the runaway success that its backers had clearly hoped for. At the end of March, “daily active users” stood at 513,000, compared to an estimated 217 million visitors on Twitter, despite Trump Media & Technology Group, the company behind Truth Social, boldly claiming it wouldn’t just upset others. social media networks, but also “Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google”. Meanwhile, people who want to using the app seem less than thrilled with the product. “What’s the point of getting the app if you can’t create an account?” reads an App Store review, which continues, “I tried to create[e] a count about 10 times. He says the[y] sent me a verification email which I never receive. Another said: “The app barely works. Comprehensive propaganda and dissemination of false information. It becomes a platform for Trump to raise funds to keep his lackeys sneaking around. In April, two top executives who sources told Reuters were “central players” and the “brains” behind the app’s technology resigned. The potential merger of Digital World Acquisition, a special purpose acquisition company, and the parent company of Truth Social, is under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. App still not available for Android users despite CEO Devin Nunes, who quit his congressional job to run this thing, saying it would be fully operational by the end of March. And after going months without sending a single “truth,” Trump has begun to engage a little more with the network he founded, but at a pace far from the pace he did on Twitter.

And now the TS gang has made its saddest revelation yet: that anyone hesitant to join should be reassured that Trump will likely release his “truths” elsewhere within hours and in some cases, before he don’t do it on Truth Social. By New York magazine:

An SEC filing by Digital World Acquisition Corp., the special purpose acquisition company trying to merge with Trump Media & Technology Group and go public, [has] revealed some interesting details about the SPAC deal with Trump. In the document, Digital World Acquisition Corp. lists several business risks related to Trump, who is the chairman and largest shareholder of TMTG. He notes that under the licensing agreement between Trump and TMTG: “President Trump is generally obligated to post any social media post on TruthSocial and may not post the same post on any other social media site for 6 time. Thereafter, he is free to publish on any site to which he has access. Thus, TMTG has a limited time to benefit from its posts and subscribers may not find it compelling to use TruthSocial to read its posts so quickly.

So if Trump joined Twitter, he would only have to wait a quarter of a day to repost his “truths” as tweets. And there are some pretty important exceptions: “In addition, he may post a message at any time from a personal account related to political messaging, political fundraising, or voting efforts on any social networking site.” The vague term “political message” could be used to describe most of Trump’s posts.

In other words, depending on the company, if you’re considering joining Truth Social for Trump, consider saving yourself a download.

Earlier this month, Elon Musk said that – if he actually bought Twitter – he would let Trump back, arguing that it was “not right to ban him” for inciting a violent riot because it was “alienating much of the country”. For his part, Trump has said he wouldn’t join Twitter if given the chance, a claim that even his closest advisers tell people not to believe.

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