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However, more restrictions are expected to be reintroduced across Europe as rates of new Covid-19 infections continue to rise on the continent, with several countries having already taken action.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson, meanwhile, is said to have received £ 1,800 in hospitality from Heathrow when he used an airport lounge on his way to Spain on a controversial holiday.

Here are the headlines that travels woke up to on Friday (November 19)

Holidays saved as boosters added to the NHS app

The holidays will be easier for UK travelers this Christmas after the announcement that the NHS app will start showing details of booster shots in the “days to come”. Proof of having received a third dose of vaccine will be displayed on the travel section of the Covid digital pass. (The temperature)

No country added to red list despite rising infections in Europe

The UK government has confirmed that no country will be added to the red list for international travel. The list will remain empty after the regular three-week review Thursday (Nov. 18), according to a tweet from Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps. (The independent)

Blockades return to Europe as virus rises

Europe faces the potential return of complete lockdowns as the fourth wave of the virus sweeps across the continent. German Chancellor Angela Merkel said it was “time to act” and added that “unspecified” measures would be taken in the country’s most affected states. (The Telegraph)

Johnson declares £ 1,800 hospitality at Heathrow amid Spanish holiday

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he received £ 1,800 in hospitality from Heathrow as part of his controversial holiday to Spain in October. The Prime Minister has said he is using the Windsor Suite at Terminal 5 in the latest Members’ Interest Register. (The Guardian)

UK consumer confidence improves despite surging inflation

UK consumers are feeling more confident with Black Friday and Christmas approaching, despite inflation reaching its highest level in 10 years. Economists hailed the survey results as proof that consumers are prepared to spend “splurge” on in the coming weeks. (Financial Times)

One in three believe UK reputation is ‘damaged’ by pandemic response

An investigation has found that more than a third of Britons believe the UK’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has damaged its reputation around the world. While 21% said the country’s reputation had been bolstered by its response to Covid. (Sky News)

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