Turkeys raised in Iowa displayed ahead of White House pardon

In an interview, Kardel told DTN that COVID-19 has had a major impact on the industry.

Workers at some factories have fallen ill, and producers have “invested a lot of money” into personal protective equipment for employees and building barriers between individual workers. But Kardel stressed that factory owners “don’t criticize anyone who didn’t come to work” because of illness.

Kardel said the biggest impact came from the closure of restaurants and other eating places. This required turkey meat to be “redirected and redirected” to grocery stores, and there was a reduction in production to avoid a backlog of frozen turkeys, Kardel said.

But he said sales of organic, free-range, antibiotic-free turkeys have remained strong and those producers haven’t had to cut as much.

Asked about reports that consumers want smaller turkeys this year because family gatherings will be smaller, Kardel said the industry has tried to respond to this shift in consumer demand by selling turkey cuts. , including bone-in breasts. But he said he encouraged people to buy a “far too big” turkey for them to have leftovers.

Asked what the turkey industry would expect or want from a Biden administration, Kardel declined to comment, saying there would be time for policy talks in the future.

“This event is not political,” Kardel said, adding that he wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

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