Virtual Media Africa will transform the entertainment industry in Nigeria — App Developer

Daniel Godwin studied actuarial science at the University of Lagos, but is more comfortable with application development. A few years ago, he developed Noxiae, a hotel booking platform. He recently developed another app, Virtual Media Africa, which aims to help artists earn money through virtual events. The 29-year-old, who is currently running a masters program in the UK, talks about the application and other related issues with SULAIMON OLANREWAJU. Extracts.

What is the motivation for developing the application?

I believe that ideas come to individuals not for fun, but to bring change to issues that affect not only your immediate society, but often the world. Over the years I have worked on different projects primarily aimed at making societal improvements and my true motivation has been the same since day one. How can I improve Nigeria? How can I contribute and be part of the rebuilding process in the age of data and technology? I think in all the darkest times I’ve spent in solitude pondering the right ways to make this product great and that’s true because every build process has its dark times where you’re alone and you constructively question everything to make sure you don’t have unturned stones. When I asked myself at such times why and what really motivated me to develop this application, my only answer is that – to make this country better, to create a source of income for artists at a time when the quality education has become a luxury, talented people can get paid in their own online virtual offices showing off all the great things about them.

What problem does it solve?

Virtual Media Africa solves many problems, we are barely surviving the Covid-19 era where artists could not earn income from mass gathering events due to social distancing measures and restrictions. It is becoming increasingly apparent that the world is changing and the metaverse has become an alternate space where the world can still go on while the issues of our physical society are addressed and resolved. We cannot suspend the income of Nigerian artists, if such a thing happens again and we cannot even wait for it to happen again, rather we can start introducing a solution that they can familiarize themselves with. This solution which we call VMA is an app that allows musicians, comedians and all artists to stream their paid content virtually and even with the option of virtual reality headsets they can host concerts that people around the world can attend from the comfort of their living room. .

How does it help artists and event planners?

The VMA app gives artists the ability to have and own their offices online and get paid for their content from around the world. It limits travel costs, event center bookings, crowd management planning to prevent crises, and all the steps required to hold a proper event or festival. These artists and event planners can organize their events in the metaverse, from the comfort of their living room, eliminating many costs, expanding their fan base around the world and, above all, earning money thanks to using our built-in paid plug-ins. on the app.

How easy is it to deploy?

For ease of deployment a smart phone is literally all you need to download the app as a content creator and be able to stream your content on our network and for a viewer a smart phone is required to watch the content or a virtual reality headset to live a total immersion experience. It’s really exciting and more exciting that we can have an easy payment arrangement with Flutterwave to help with revenue payments to artists.

One of the challenges in application development is the ease of duplication. Can this be easily duplicated?

Generally, I think duplication of ideas is a common occurrence in the world of innovative business, but what could really set you apart is your vision. People can only imitate you to a certain level and not to the end if they don’t understand your final destination, your goal or your objectives. What we’re about to release is a piece of a huge ice cream cake idea that we had to break down to the bare minimum just to present our dream to the world. The rest of the journey is huge, and the versions we’ll release over the years are something I don’t mind being emulated, just because I know where we’re going.

How does the Nigerian government get revenue from it?

We believe that in our mission we empower not just all artists but all young people with dreams and once the opportunity to earn is established we have an increased population with buying power and that generally improves the global economy of all kinds of things. Alternatively, an operating business which we strive to be is also subject to Nigerian government taxes where applicable.

What prepared you for the task of application development?

Over the years, starting in 2017 when I launched Noxiae hotel reviews in Nigeria, which so far visits Nigerian hotels and apartments, reviews them and recommends them to incoming tourists. It largely operates and functions on its website platform only. Then in 2021, I launched the Noxiaevr, which we had been experimenting with since 2020 because of Covid-19. I thought well if people can’t travel to Nigeria right now, how can we create an alternative feel and experience for them that is similar to what they are right now here? While working on Noxiae Virtual Reality, I realized that this problem affects not only tourism and hospitality, but also entertainment in general.

The world is changing and the quest for more knowledge sent me for my Masters in International Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management in England. I was able to grasp the changes in modern tourism measures due to the Covid-19 crises and have an in-depth analysis of creating an app for virtual events and how to manage it. I would say that the knowledge, experience, growth and education I have had over the years has prepared me well for the creation and launch of VMA in 2022.

What is the future of app development?

In general, I can hypothetically see the future of software applications in the virtual and augmented reality spaces. I think that’s where the change is going. We live in an era where companies aim to reduce labor costs through the introduction of machines and artificial intelligence devices.

In the metaverse, people can actually take trainings without actually being there, people can visit places around the world without actually getting on a plane, and this comfort will create more demands. These requests will affect the creations of the next generation mobile apps that will be created to fix the issues as usual.

How do you think the government can encourage young people who turn to ICT?

Sincerely, I believe reliable and affordable internet is an issue in Nigeria and should be a priority in the government’s annual budgets at this stage. It is alarming that they don’t even consider it even with children left at home uneducated due to strike actions, a lot of education and skills can be added to their lives just with an accessible and reliable internet. Mainly for everyone in ICT in Nigeria, no big dreams can be easily achieved with the high prices of internet packages in terms of cost. I am aware that progress has been made over the years, but there is still a long way to go. The government really needs to address the foundations of our technology sector, which is Internet accessibility and affordability.

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