Vivo X70 Pro 5G wows professionals in Bangladesh

Top business leaders vote on Vivo’s latest premium smartphone

Global smartphone giant Vivo has launched the X70 Pro 5G to local audiences in Bangladesh.

The smartphone seems to have impressed smartphone enthusiasts and consumers in general.

The smartphone was developed in partnership with Zeiss, a world leader in optics, a statement read.

The X70 Pro offers four iconic Zeiss lens styles – Biotar, Distagon, Planar and Sonnar – that deliver a professional-level photographic experience.

The camera produces aesthetics that have now become industry standards in the professional sphere.

Equipped with 12GB of RAM and 256GB of ROM, the X70 Pro 5G was also praised for its long battery life.

The flagship phone comes in two colors that Vivo dubbed Cosmic Black and Aurora Dawn.

It sells for 72,990 Tk in the Bangladesh market.

Vivo recently asked top business executives from some of the most notable Bangladeshi companies to talk about their experiences using the premium phone. Here’s what they said:

Filmmaker Amitabh Reza said: A lot has changed due to the pandemic. work also suitable for film production of the new situation. We can’t really think of it in terms of big devices, big studios, and more support. But there are several devices that we can use to convey our story. For me, it’s the Vivo X70 Pro 5G. It is a brilliant device with amazing camera features which let you tell all your stories perfectly.

Plus, it doesn’t require any time to set up studio equipment. With the X70 Pro, I can immediately shoot on the go and still get results as good as my dedicated cameras. Another important feature that I liked is the Pro Cinematic Mode feature which maximizes control and adjustment of various video parameters and records professional, cinematic quality videos with greater controllability. So I think this is the go-to device if you are a professional filmmaker or photographer.

Zara Mahbub, Country Director and CEO of Apex DMIT Ltd, said: “I am always very busy and managing a tight ship. Lately a helping hand in this busy schedule has been the Vivo X70 Pro for me. I use this phone for everything from video conferencing and sending emails to taking photos and videos. As someone who loves to capture moments, the coolest part is the ultra-sensitive 50MP gimbal camera. It captures crisp, quality images that I love to share with my friends and family.

Ilmul Haque Sajib, Co-Founder, Sheba XYZ said: “Since the start of the pandemic, we have all made a sudden shift to the virtual world. Remote working comes with multiple meetings and to participate in them regularly you need a powerful device that can run such heavy applications. With Vivo X70 Pro featuring a powerful MediaTek Dimensity 1200 processor with top notch 12GB RAM, I didn’t have to worry about that. The X70 Pro 5G’s super-fast RAM solved the problem of running my daily tasks seamlessly. It made multitasking a lot easier.

Sabbir Nasir, Executive Director of Shwapno, said: “The X70 Pro is a very fast phone with a high quality camera. The ultra-sensitive 50 MP gimbal camera is the best smartphone stabilization camera technology on the market. It helps users to capture crystal clear images as well as record high quality videos. So this is a good thing for professionals and creatives. Plus, the long-lasting battery really supports me every step of the way when I’m on the go.

Kamrul Hasan, CEO of, said: “For me one of the most important things to have in a smartphone is great battery life. I go out early in the morning and attend meetings on Zoom and Google Meet throughout the day. Taking a power bank or charger everywhere is just not feasible. So I need a phone that lasts all day and then a bit longer, and I want to thank Vivo for bundling it with the X70 Pro! Plus, it has an exceptional camera system that impresses me every time I use it.

Ing. Mehedi Hasan, Publisher and President of Omicon Publishing House, said, “I am primarily a publisher, but also a venture capitalist and also involved in the IT industry. I have found all of the features that I find useful in a smartphone in the X70 Pro. Among its camera features, I like the Gimbal Stabilization 3.0 the most as well as the new Zeiss T * coating which improves the performance of the camera in low light conditions when shooting video at home or outdoors. . For publishing work, I have to work with text, and the photos have to be crisp. With the X70 Pro, I get crisp, crisp images, making it a very useful phone and clearly ahead of its competition.

Md Tajdin Hassan, Marketing Director, Daraz said, “When you’re in marketing, you’re constantly communicating. You must be able to use email, WhatsApp, for internal and external communications. For people like me in the corporate world, Vivo’s X70 Pro5G is a blessing as it delivers Fluorite AG, a revolutionary industrial design infused into crystallized glass that fluoresces under light. The quad-camera rear setup is built into Vivo’s new Cloud Valley design, which helps me multitask and looks like a work of art in hand.

Company personality Rubaba Dowla said: “I was immediately drawn to the color scheme of the Vivo X70 Pro 5G. We have a startup called Pulse Healthcare Service, through which we connect doctors and patients. I think that with the high resolution image of the X70 Pro, doctors will be able to examine patients much more efficiently. So this turned out to be a really good device for doctors. Plus, its good battery life keeps us going in long meetings and now I don’t have to rely on my laptop anymore.

Hussain Elius, CEO and Co-Founder of Pathao, said, “I like using the Vivo X70 Pro. I have to say it’s a very fast and smooth device. I use the phone not only for personal communication and social media, but also for meetings. The device’s powerful battery lasts long enough for my daily use, and it’s a pleasure to hold with its ergonomic design. I have to say that Vivo has brought us some great phones, and I hope it will continue to bring us more technology like this.

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