Vodafone Portugal launches Nevo® Butler hands-free, voice-activated entertainment and Smart Home Hub from Universal Electronics

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., January 25, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Vodafone Portugal launch the Nevo® Butler entertainment and smart home center Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI) (NASDAQ: UEIC) to its residential TV and broadband customers.

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Vodafone Portugal launches Nevo® Butler hands-free, voice-activated entertainment and Smart Home Hub from Universal Electronics (Photo: Business Wire)

UEI is the global leader in wireless universal control solutions for home entertainment and smart home devices. Nevo Butler is UEI’s highly secure, voice-enabled, white-label hub that combines entertainment and smart home control experiences for various applications. With far-field voice control and interoperability with a variety of ecosystems, Nevo Butler allows users to discover and control virtually any connected device in the home using hands-free voice, including set-top boxes and TVs, as well as audio accessories, security systems, lighting, thermostats and more.

Nevo Butler extends Vodafone’s existing voice assistant to enable intuitive, hands-free, far-field interactions with Vodafone Portugal’s entertainment service. Nevo Butler is fully integrated with Vodafone’s Portuguese infrastructure to provide a consistent user experience. Nevo Butler enables seamless discovery of connected entertainment devices in the customer’s home, compatible with the largest set of existing entertainment systems in the world, and enables hands-free voice search of Vodafone libraries and video playback, as well as TV power and sound control.

“Vodafone Portugal and UEI have been working together for several years and we share a strong commitment to innovation and continuous improvement of the user experience,” said Luis Cardoso, Head of Content and Services at Vodafone Portugal. “We are excited to bring this advanced technology to our customers, allowing them to easily set up and control our entertainment service with their voice using our personalized wake word. Customers can relax on the couch and say ‘hello, TOBi, turn on the football game’ and the TV will turn on and take them straight to the content they want to watch.

“UEI is delighted that Vodafone is the first company to offer Nevo Butler to its customers,” said Paul Arling, President and CEO of UEI. “As one of our flagship products, Nevo Butler encompasses many of the core discovery and control capabilities of our QuickSet® platform and represents another example of our continued investment in technology for the future.”

UEI has been at the forefront of developing smart home entertainment and control technologies for over three decades. UEI was the first to introduce voice search and control to entertainment platforms and advanced features such as automated setup and universal control of connected devices through its portfolio of QuickSet-enabled solutions.

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