Volkswagen T-Cross 2022 media center to be same as Corolla sedan – the clare people


Wings, a Pernambuco-based automotive technology company that has agreed with Toyota to produce media centers for Corolla sedan models in 2020, will also have its product on board a Volkswagen bestseller: the T- SUV. Cross. The confirmation was made this Thursday () by João Marcelo Barros, co-founder of Wings, at the Motor1 site.

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“The semiconductor crisis has pushed the chain to create new versions of cars. This led Wings to start working in cooperation with assemblers and associations to meet market demand, ”he explained. According to him, entertainment-oriented accessories are important when choosing a car and, therefore, Wings exclusively serves car dealers and manufacturers.

The model that will equip the T-Cross is exactly the same. although it will now serve Toyota sedan customers. This means that the factory, which has been named VW Play Infotainment, will have 1-inch buttons built into the panel and the Android operating system, which will give access to Play Store apps like Google Maps, Spotify, and Waze.

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However, it is not possible to mirror the screen of the smartphone, whether it is Android or iOS. This is also the main downgrade compared to the multimedia center that equipped the Toyota model.

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Image: Disclosure / Volkswagen

In a statement published on its official website, Volkswagen detailed other equipment that will be part of the models that make up the T-Cross 2020 line. The 25 TSI version, for example, is now offered with a modern dashboard with an 8 – inch screen and 25% digital, the same as in Taos Comfortline.

The T-Cross Highline and Comfortline variants are still available from the factory with the Active Info Display instrument panel, which has a 25-inch color screen “fully configurable” by brand. In addition, the T-Cross now delivers in Comfortline and Highline versions the smartphone with induction, or wireless charging, and the multifunction steering wheel, already found at Taos and Nivus.

Source: Motor1, Volkswagen

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