Weekly Poll: Who gets an Honor 60 or 60 Pro once it’s launched?


where can you buy a phone with $ 700 that has a screen of 1200 resolution
10 bits
120 Hz
flagship design
50mp selfie
and 4k selfie camera ????????
honor 60pro to them all
mi 11 ultra costs $ 1400 but does not support 4k selfie camera
mi mix 4 is $ 900 but the resolution is 1080
or take a look at pixel 6, you will understand why honor 60 pro is a good choice


Not with those shitty specs. No flagship chipset, no periscope, no purchase. If Honor is to compete, they better put the best scpecs and periscopes for the price of their offerings, otherwise it’s a dead brand.


Reatmos, 3 hours agoNo Google Play service …Why do people keep spamming this? Global versions come with GMS.


Demongornot, 1 hour agoI won’t buy a phone that has: * Punch hole, notch. * Sub-screen camera (unless never … moreFunny how it’s never possible to please smartphone users like you. I remember how many users on this site screamed for a “compact” Android phone, and when one manufacturer released one it failed miserably, ie poorly sold. Still, some GSMArena users would have you believe that there is a huge market for small lmfao phones!
I agree that pop-up cameras were the best solution for “privacy” and a full screen experience, but they proved to be rather unreliable and made phones heavy and bulky.
What I don’t understand, why do you hate sub-screen cameras so much? (ignoring the obvious low quality photos)


according to the mrwhosetheboss review, Honor50 has a software bug. So the next honor60 successor could be bugged.

the bump of honor60 camera still looks ugly and has an unnecessary design.


I won’t buy a phone that has:
* Punch hole, notch.
* Under-screen camera (unless everything else is perfect and they haven’t compromised the display quality, in which case I’ll buy it second-hand and remove the front camera).
* Curved edge display.
* Lack of 3.5mm Jack (unless everything else is perfect).
* Lack of telephoto (12Mp or more).
* A small battery because “It Have Fast ChArGiNg”.
* It lacks a Macro mode or a dedicated Macro camera (5Mp minimum, 50mm minimum).

Bonus point for having:
* Privacy-focused features (hardware kill switches, pop-up camera or slider / no front camera).
* Ultrasonic sub-display fingerprint scanner.
* 3D facial recognition on a pop-up camera or slider.
* Material portrait.
* 7Mp or more in dedicated Macro or Macro mode shared with something other than Ultra-Wide.


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The Euro Honor 60 shouldn’t cost more than 300 euros, the pro 375. Get the real Honor.


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  • iA4

Lmao, are people missing the part where they relaunched the same phone, with different colors?
Why would anyone get this overpriced midranger? It’s 500 euros in Europe! For that money I can get either a Vivo X60 or a Motorola Edge 20 Pro, which both destroy this.


Anonymous, 2 hours agoAll they have to do is bring the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro camera setup to an Honor. So we can talk.Honor should definitely buy Huawei


Dear gsmarena,
1. Most of your visitors are not from mainland China
2. In order to get Huawei devices, they must at least go out to the world


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All they have to do is bring the Huawei P50 and P50 Pro camera setup to an Honor. So we can talk.


No one unless the price is lower


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No, honor 70 will be announced ahead of its UK release!


No Google Play service …

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