What is a Ring Bridge and do I need one?

What is a Ring Bridge and do I need one?

Best answer: The Ring Bridge connects to the internet and allows remote control of other Ring products such as lights and motion sensors through the app. It also allows Ring devices to work together for a more cohesive system.

Should you buy a Ring Bridge?

For years, Ring has been making some of the best video doorbells and great security cameras. While the company is best known for these product lines, it also has some great devices that don’t contain cameras – and that’s where the Ring Bridge comes in.

The bridge itself is a small box that can be stored away and connected to your home’s Wi-Fi network. Setup is relatively simple via the Ring app, as with all of the company’s other devices.

All of the best Ring smart lights work great on their own and don’t need the Ring Bridge to work. However, if you go this route, each light will work as a solo unit and won’t interact with other Ring products, or send you notifications when you’re away from home.

Ring Projector

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When you add the Ring Bridge to the mix, any Ring devices you connect to the bridge will be able to “talk” to each other.

For example, if your Ring Video Doorbell 4 detects motion, you can turn on your Ring spotlights, path lights, or any other lights connected to the bridge. If you have a Ring Light with a motion sensor, it can not only turn on when it detects motion, but also trigger a notification and cause your Ring cameras to start recording.

So, whether or not you need a Ring Bridge depends on what Ring products you own, want to have, and whether you want to expand the functionality of those devices. Along with the interconnectivity between Ring products that the bridge enables, it also means you can control devices remotely when you couldn’t before.

If you want to get the most out of your Ring smart home devices, the Ring Bridge is a great choice, and it’s relatively low cost for what it can afford your smart home.

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