What is an anti-spam application? How to use the new social media app

Tired of Snapchat, Instagram and other social media apps? Spam App is an alternative that tries to do things differently. Here’s how it works.

The thought of adding another social media app to your life might seem stressful, but if you’ve had enough of Instagram and Snapchat, the new anti-spam app could be the perfect alternative you didn’t even know you needed. Social media apps are a must in 2022. From Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok and others, the push to be always connected on as many platforms as possible can be a chore.

In addition, the design of these applications can make them stressful and anxiety-provoking. Almost every one of them is centered around posting content to generate as many likes and shares as possible. Some people use it as an effective way to build their brand or identity online. However, it can also ruin the experience for people who just want a simple place to chat with their friends. Having so many platforms to share photos/videos is great, but when you are constantly being reminded of their likes and views, it makes them much less enjoyable.


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Spam App thinks it has the solution to this. Basically, Spam App is a social networking application that allows users to share photos with each other. Unlike other social media apps, Spam App has made a conscious effort to make the experience as relaxed as possible. The Spam app first hit the App Store in October 2021, but in February 2022 it gained popularity after going viral on Twitter and TikTok. As the NOCAP Developer explains on the App Store page for the Spam app, “The anti-spam app is genuine: no filters, no editing, no public likes, no previews, no negatives, no judges. It’s a non-toxic social networking app that works like an instant camera.” In a way, it’s a lot like what Snapchat used to be. A few years ago, Snapchat was nothing more than a way to send quick photos to friends. Today, it’s packed with its public stories feature, tons of AR filters/effects, its own built-in TikTok alternative, and challenges that encourage users to get as many views on their content as possible. Spam App has no such thing, and for some people it might be just what they are looking for.

How to use the anti-spam application

If this sounds like an app you want to use, getting started with Spam App is incredibly easy. Open the App Store on your iPhone, search for “Spam App” and download the app that says “spam app, share the randomest”. Once you open Spam App for the first time, it automatically plays a short video explaining what the app is and how to use it. Once the video is finished, press the black “Let’s Go” button and follow the on-screen instructions to create your Spam App account. Users are asked to grant Spam App a handful of permissions, confirm their phone number, create a username, and add 1-4 friends to their “spam list” to get started.

Once everything is done, navigating Spam App is quite easy. The “home page” is a viewfinder for your camera, allowing you to take pictures as soon as you open the Spam app. Tap the shutter button once to take a single photo, or tap it multiple times to take a few different photos that Spam App turns into GIFs. Photos are automatically sent to friends on your spam list seconds after you take them. Alternatively, users can tap the “X” icon to cancel a photo after taking one, or tap the paper airplane icon to send it instantly. You can see your friends at any time by tapping “Spam List” at the top of the screen. You can also tap the “Add Friends” button to add other people to it.

The rest of Spam App’s pages are pretty self-explanatory. Tap the profile icon at the bottom of the screen to view your profile. Tap the message icon to see notifications, and the icon next to it opens the Spam Roll page. Spam Roll is divided into two sections – Friends and Featured. The Friends tab displays photos of your friends, while Featured displays photos of users you are not friends with. This is the only public feed available in Spam App, and adding photos to it is a very deliberate process. Tap your profile icon, tap the photo you want to make public, tap the globe icon below it, then tap “Yes” to confirm you want it to be visible on the featured feed . If you want to remove a photo from the public feed at any time, just go back to your profile, tap the photo, then tap “Delete”.

It’s Spam App in a nutshell. It’s just another social media app among many, but the way it approaches things is a breath of fresh air. It’s largely focused on sharing images with only people you know, there’s no pressure to post high-quality/viral content, and it all looks a lot more personal than any of its competitors. . If you are interested in trying anti-spam app for yourself, it is currently available for the iPhone as a 100% free download.

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